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Operation Mangement Essay

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The University of Phoenix Managing the business enterprise course introduces the student to concepts that provide a foundation for analyzing Kudler Fine Food which is a virtual organization is a unique and innovative learning tool specifically designed to teach and assess the problem solving skills necessary for success in the twenty-first century. The layout the paper will be as follows. First, what are the primary functions of management in Kudler Fine Food? Second, how technology and internet are utilizes by Kudler. And last but not the least, an example from Kudler’s illustrating forces from Porter’s Model.

Kudler Fine Food is a gourmet food shop that was setup by Kathy Kudler in ...view middle of the document...

Some of the duties of Harvey includes plan and direct the finance and accounting activities for Kudler Fine Food. He also develops and implements goals, policies, priorities and procedures relating to financial management, budget, accounting and payroll.

Yvonne Reynolds-Director of Operations, his duties includes manage the operations of three stores, including inventory, purchasing and logistics. His responsibilities also include store safety, facility maintenance, security and compliance with state and federal regulations.

Brenda Wagner who is the director of administration and human resources develops policies and directs and coordinates administrative and human resources activities, such as employment, compensation, labor relations benefits, training and employee service.
Kudler Fine Food is still is a growing company. In order to be a market leader and increase market share Kudler Fine Foods have to develop and conduct market research which will provide information about the market as well as their competitors. With already established databases, Kudler Fine Food’s customer table contains demographic data which help them to access the name and address of customers for processing orders on special occasions such as, birthdays and anniversaries. With data bases, they can keep up with the inventory, items which can be purchased from different store, orders and suppliers. The suppliers contain data concerning wholesaler, vendor and other suppliers from whom supplier is purchased.

“Kudler’s new initiative is tracking purchase behavior at the individual customer level and providing high value incentives through a partnership with a loyalty points program. The customer purchase behavior patters will help Kudler refine its processes and offerings to best satisfy their valued customers. Price is not the primary...

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