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MODULE NUMBER: P58304MODULE TITLE: OPERATIONS MANAGEMENTCONTENTS1Introduction2Description and Analysis of Operations and Operating Processes2Evaluation of Operational Performance against Strategic Requirement 8 Recommendation for Improvement of Operation Function 12Appendices 17References and Bibliography 19INTRODUCTIONMaritime and Port Services, MPS Ghana Limited is a Shipping Agency involved in the provision of transport and logistic services in Ghana. The activities of the company include Vessels Husbanding, Sea and Air Freight Forwarding, Trucking and Warehousing Services among others. This report will focus on the Vessel husbanding operations of the Company which is the core business of ...view middle of the document...

These different stakeholders have different objectives which are often at variance with each other. MPS is organized along functional departments as Commercial, Shipping (Import and Export Documentation), Accounts and Finance, IT, Quality and Personnel Departments. The Commercial and Shipping Departments directly handle the needs of the local customers.The vessel husbanding process depends on its customers' (local customers) input into the system. They must make their cargoes available properly packaged in containers and requisite documentations completed, and at the right time to be loaded on the vessel. (These cargoes are often delivered load ready to designated reception depot/terminal.It also depends on the Vessel Operator for input in the form of vessel schedules, vessel physical characteristics, stowage plans and other relevant information that are needed to arrange for the smooth berthing and working of vessel. Also input into the process come from related parties such as Slot Partners and the Container Terminals who must arrange containers ready and transfer to designated quay for loading and also arrange the movement of discharged containers from ship side to import depots/terminals. It is not easy to separate the transformation process from the transformed input as the whole process is interrelated as demonstrated in the figure 1 below.The output of the process include satisfied crew members, completed vessel sailed to next port on time, local customers whose cargo are safely landed or loaded, required reports correctly prepared and transmitted on time. There is also documentary evidence of vessel activities as output from the whole process filed per vessel.The vessel husbanding operations of the company are divided into three distinct processes identified as:a)Pre Arrival Activitiesb)Discharging Activitiesc)Loading activitiesThese activities are carried out sequentially and a delay in any set of activities impact on the others. However, depending on stowage arrangement, sometimes discharge and loading can take place simultaneously in specified hatches and crane.Pre ArrivalThe pre arrival processes are mainly back office activities involving communications with and coordination of all related parties to get prepared for the arrival of the vessel.The process begins with the reception of vessel particulars, sailing schedule and stowage plan from the Vessel Operator who is France by the Assistant Operations Manager (AOM). The information on these documents is used to complete vessel booking form to pre notify the Port Authority of the expected Vessel at least 48 hours before the vessel arrives. The form is approved and signed by the Port Authority (represented by the harbour master) to indicate awareness and the details of the vessel helps to allocate the appropriate berth for the vessel. The AOM then attends the berthing meeting organized by the port authority with other port users and to decide and allocate berth for expected vessels....

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