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Operation Decisions Essay

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The Road to Redemption

Sandra Barrett
Everest University
December 02, 2010

The Road to Redemption
Princeton (2010) states that jails are places used for holding people in lawful custody; nevertheless, one can argue that jails are institutions of confinement for individuals serving short-term sentences and awaiting trial. During the rule of the Roman Empire and Egyptians, jails were used as method of punishing for lawbreakers, debtors, and a facility to housed slaves. Throughout history, jails have served as facilities where the laws of the land are enforced. These institutions are an ...view middle of the document...

The ways one can improve the correctional system is by rehabilitating the inmates that are incarcerated and teach them how to be better individuals morally, while been more productive members within the society. Juvenile offenders who commit less severe crimes are more likely to be successfully reformed. There are boot camps that juvenile delinquents are able to attend to get their lives together, for those that have not committed such gruesome crimes. However , it must be noted that criminals or potential criminals who do not have access to such educational resources are only acting in their best interests by gaining access to these different prisons amenities (Mazie, 2005).
There are variety of ways to improve the correctional system; one of which is the removal of harden criminals from society. It is imperative to keep repeat offenders away from potential victims, as a strategic method of helping to reduce potential crimes that he or she may commit. For example, the incarceration of drug dealers will dramatically reduce the supply source, hence resulting in the reduction of local demand. In some cases restitution or repayment is forced upon the prisoners due to some of the crimes. Due to the level of the crime that was commit in some countries prisons are operated as labor camps (Mazie, 2005).
Jails all around the country have problems inside their facilities that impact the lives of its prison population. The common problems that plague all jails are overcrowding, race relations, and gang violence. The problems these institutions are facing have made a negative impact on the daily operation of the facilities. Not only do these problems affect prisoners but also the brave men and women who work in corrections and other department of the criminal justice profession.  
            Prisoners throughout history have been mistreated by been housed in overcrowded jails and an almost non-existence heath care. In today’s world the problem of overcrowding of jails facilities is still a big issue. The amount of people in jail or prison in 2008 is approximately 7.3 million (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2010). Any individual can see America have a high number of people who are inside the criminal justice system. When it comes to the local jails the number of people who are serving time are awaiting trail is approximately 2.3 million (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2010). One of the problem jails are facing is the fact that they might be over populated. The overcrowding jails can lead to huge amount of violence among prisoners; consequently, these factors can increase the stress level of correctional officers within his or her working environment. Sometimes even the smallest controversy among inmates can lead to riots, the cultural diversity of within these facilities and...

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