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Opening Your Mind And Formulating New Opinions

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Opening Your Mind and Formulating New Opinions
Many people are strong headed and do not display their full feelings towards something; when they do, it’s usually an opinion of theirs that cannot be altered or even thought about changing. I too was once someone who was very close minded about a lot of things and only described my thoughts about a subject or issue to be quite once sided and would listen to other’s opinions about the same topic but never regarded to be meaningful. My experience with LSD has honestly opened my mind more in one way or another; mainly with accepting things for what they are and how they are presented to me. You can’t change how your brain interprets one concept ...view middle of the document...

I didn’t really know what to expect going into this class and I didn’t know how the professor was going to react to my answers of some of the issues we discuss. Although I’ve been very open about a lot of things in this class, one subject I try to take to heart is how different cultures and beliefs affect us as Americans, or what other countries do around the world that may seem normal. This class has really opened my eyes more towards how different cultures and beliefs may be crazy or obscene in our eyes as Americans, but in their culture, it’s normal and perfectly fine.
In the class we recently viewed a video on the Tyra Banks show in which eight people, one from a different race; sat down and discussed their feelings about how they feel towards other races or people of different ethnicities. The only white Caucasian male was from Texas and he stated that he “hated blacks”, felt like he “needed to have eyes in the back of his head whenever they were around him”. I’m not prejudice at all but I see where he is coming from because that’s how he was brought up and didn’t know anything more. He wasn’t able to establish a foundation for getting to know people of another race other than his own. Although many people do not feel like they are obligated to like someone of a different race or color, but you should...

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