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Opening Doors Essay

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Opening Doors 100 Years of Public health is a video which follows a number of different public health nurses and shows many of the different roles and duties which they are responsible for. The video is a great introduction to public health which helps one better understand what public health nurses do and how much of an impact they can have on both the individual and community level.
The video does a great job of illustrating how diverse and complex the job of a public health nurse can be. It helped me see that this type of nursing is very multidimensional. I did not realize how long public health nurses had been in existence, it is amazing got see how much they have had to evolve and adapt as we, as a country, have changed the way we live. Medicine has also changed a great deal over the last 100 years; this has lead to a great change ...view middle of the document...

It is amazing to see how dedicated and determined these individuals are to their patients, even with the great challenges which oppose them such as political interests, budget cuts, and even hostile environments, it seems that it really takes a special type of person to do this type of work.
One aspect of the video which really stood out to me was hearing the patients talk about the care they have received from their nurses. In hearing them speak it is clear to see that these individuals have truly been touched and by the care they received. Hearing the one mother who was a drug addict speak about how she was able to receive prenatal care without being judged or reprimanded for her poor decisions was truly amazing. While it seems that this type of work can be challenging and that many barriers do exist, when hearing theses people speak, it is easy to see why someone would choose this profession. It is amazing to think that through small, and often time’s simple, interventions an entire community can be affected in such a positive way.
Though I had not previously ever considered going into public health, through this video, I have been able to see that there are many aspects of this type of work which seem very attractive. These nurses seem to work very independently, making home visits and perhaps having a lot of control over their own schedule. It is also obvious that this is a very rewarding job where you are often able to see the lasting effects of your work. I think that this is especially true in smaller communities where you are always treating your neighbors.
I enjoyed watching the video and it gave me a better perspective of what public nurse do. It also cleared up many misconceptions and helped me see that it may be a field which I would enjoy and may want to pursue.

Longstreth, S. (Producer, Director). (1995). Opening doors: Public health nursing in its 100th year [Motion Picture]. (Available from Washington State Public Health Association)

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