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Open Source – A beneficial Path
What is Open Source?
Open Source refers to a computer source code which is made available to the general public for use and/or modification from its original design free of charge is called open source.
A certification standard issued by the Open Source Initiative (OSI) that indicates that the source code of a computer program is made available free of charge to the general public.

History of Open Source:-
Why Open Source necessary?
Everyone collaborates, the best technology wins. Not just within one company, but among an Internet-connected, worldwide community. New ideas and code travel the world in an instant. As a result, the open ...view middle of the document...

For example, Linux operating system kernel based on UNIX, Symbian real time mobile operating system, etc…

Computer Software cont….
A computer or device on a network that manages network resources is called server. For example, Tomcat web server (web container), Word Press (blog software) etc….
Client Software:-
Software that resides in a user's desktop or laptop computer, PDA or cell phone. Contrast with server software is called client software. For example, Mozilla Firefox (web browser), (Office Suite) etc... And many more……….

Computer Hardware:-
Open source hardware is hardware whose initial specification, usually in a software format, are published and made available to the public without paying any charges. Open source hardware evolves through community co-operation.
Hardware components are not available free of cost but available at a very low cost by the non profitable organizations or the charitable institutes.
OLPC’s (one laptop per child) Linux based laptop.
By Quanta Computer.
Concept :- Nicholas Negroponte

Word Press.
Mozilla Firefox.
Mozilla Thunderbird.
Open Office.
Obtaining the original source code makes it easy to resolve complex problems and become independent to specific vendors.
Open source helps the universities, libraries and nonprofits organizations to fulfill their missions.
It is also helpful for a growing firm on a global scale...

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