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Open Mind, Open Life Essay

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What does it mean to be open-minded? What is considered being open-minded? Well to make it short being open-minded is witnessing or being a part of something that is outside of your comfort zone, it’s basically breaking the boundaries that you've set up yourself. Everyone has their own perspective, what they believe is right and wrong, and how they act upon themselves and others but hardly do they ever question themselves. Question whether they are happy with their life, if they happy with their values and beliefs, and if they are happy with how they view the world. Becoming an open-minded person is a bit more difficult than you think and tough at times because as a toddler we are raised ...view middle of the document...

It shaped the way I looked at artists and what direction I should go with my own music but I could never forget the liberating feeling of freeing myself from my thoughts. Number Two is experiencing changes such as your view of the world and not necessarily your beliefs but you have the option to when you think and open your mind to new ideas. As an example I used to believe that god was someone who is our savor and the only person we should entrust our life with but as I've been watching a Japanese amine by the name of “Naruto” it’s taught me that we are our own savors and instead of putting faith in someone to change our reality we should put our faith in ourselves to shape the reality we wish to see. Number Three is making yourself vulnerable and it’s one of the scariest and greatest things because you’re admitting that you don’t know everything as well as there are possibilities that you've never considered. Number Four is making mistakes and it doesn't seem like much of a benefit but it truly is. When you allow yourself to see things from another person's perspective, you allow yourself not only to recognize potential mistakes you've made, but also to make new mistakes. In my freshman year I used to doubt myself and I convinced myself I wasn't good enough especially when it came to my music but as I shared what type of music I was doing to my friends they told me they enjoyed it and that I should perform at the talent show at Roosevelt High School and when I did I knew I was ready and I was right because I forgot my lyrics and left the stage. Still I didn't give up, the next time I performed I was a junior and I practiced day and night to make sure I didn't make the same mistake and I didn't. I've made mistakes with...

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