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Open Heart Surgery Essay

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During the Inova Dome Experience it was clear that all procedures and protocols were outlined prior to the surgery having begun, and the RN, MSN Darla was well prepared to give us an overview of the entire aortic valve replacement process. One of the most important safety measures I observed at Inova was the role each physician, nurse, and other staff member played in the surgery. Each individual knew what was expected of him or her and was held accountable for one task or another. Within the pre-op room, the age, sex, race and other important information were listed on the patient chart along with the details of where each individual would stand or sit throughout the procedure. A short but concise rundown of the steps to follow during the procedure was written out on the whiteboard along with abbreviations for special equipment to be used. During the procedure, Darla explained each person’s ...view middle of the document...

Another nurse came in to administer the cleaning of the pig valve in saline and made sure all the equipment needed was used and carefully put back in place. The nurse by the doctors side was in charge of handing each piece of equipment to the doctor when needed, and Darla explained how the doctor was never require to say out loud what he needed because the nurse already knew. This is the standard for operations such as the aortic valve replacement, since each individual is required to know the ins and outs of the entire procedure.
All of these safety measures taken are extremely important. Not only does the hospital want to make sure they are doing their absolute best to give the patient excellent service and care, it is also important for their hospital’s image and accreditation to perform all surgeries with care, efficiency and safety. What seemed like such a complex procedure to an outside observer, such as myself, was actually quite routine and standard within the hospital. All individuals who took part in the surgery were calm, collected and confident in their ability to perform the surgery.
I believe during each individuals training, the hospital must have created training protocols and procedures to ensure that each and every single staff member present during a surgery understands not only their role but the role of others as well. In addition, there must have been multiple shadowing and training opportunities with superiors to ensure that these staff members were qualified and prepared to assist during a specific type of surgery. Without adequate training and facilitating, there is a huge chance of possible surgical or medical errors and this is something every hospital works to achieve low numbers in. Inova Fairfax Hospital’s goal and mission is to provide excellent care and service to their patients and I believe this open-heart surgery was a great example of exactly that, by demonstrating detailed and effective procedures and protocols to follow before, during and after the aortic valve replacement surgery.

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