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Open Heart Case At Cabbarrus Essay

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Independent Case Analysis Paper: Open Heart at Cabarrus

In this activity, I will analyze The Case for Open Heart Surgery at Cabarrus Memorial Hospital by using the tools and skills previously learned in my Health Science curriculum. I will provide a brief summary of the case, discuss the major problems, use two case analysis tools and provide a detailed report with a decision.

Independent Case Analysis
Case Summary
The board of trustees at Cabarrus Memorial (CMH) gathered in October for its monthly meeting. The meeting opened by stating the fact that (CMH) did not have an open heart surgery program. The Chairman mentions the fact that a quick ...view middle of the document...

Some of the weaknesses have to do with the fact that the decision needs to be done in a short amount of time. Another weakness is that CMH doesn’t have a program and patients are at a greater risk of delayed treatment. Since the program isn't offered at CMH, it is very inconvenient for patients having to travel.
There are several opportunities for opening the program. There is a high evidence of heart disease and mortality. There is growth in demand due to the volume increase for open heart surgery. CMH can provide better quality of care by providing continuity for its patients. There is a significant evidence of heart disease mortality. Another opportunity is the growth for open heart surgery due to the growth of at-risk population. According to projections from the recent census, the number of people aged 45 to 64, the population most likely to suffer occlusive coronary artery disease, was predicted to grow by 38.3 percent in the next ten years, a rate more than twice that of the general population (Campbell & Caldwell, 2016). There will also be continuity of care for patients which will allow better care.
The volume of heart surgeries in NC had increased about 26% per year. This rate was forecasted to continue to rise. Catheterization is one of the primary tools used to determine if a patient will need open heart surgery. North Carolina catheterization volume had

grown at an average annual rate of 16.2 percent over the period of nine years and forecasted to continue to grow (Campbell & Caldwell, 2016).
There are no open heart surgery programs in the CMH primary area. There were 16 programs located in North Carolina.
Some of the threats are the revenue the hospital would have in regards to the expenses incurred due to the renovation. Another threat could be issues that arise with the affiliation CMH has with Duke’s hospital in regards to the role of the program. Would opening the CMH open heart program affect the Duke affiliation?
Process Decision Program (PDP) Chart
The use of the PDP chart was used to address the improvement for continuity of care for cardiology patients. The objective is to improve the continuity of care.
The action is to minimize patient transfers. The steps to minimize patient transfers require opening a heart program at CMH. To open the program, the hospital needs to acquire a Certificate of Need (CON). CMH already provides therapeutic and diagnostic services. The staff consists of one invasive cardiologist and internists. Two more cardiologists are expected to work at CMH the following year. The scope of the CMH cardiology services included and emergency room staffed and equipped for treatment of cardiac emergencies, an eight-bed coronary care unit, cardiac catheterization, and cardiac rehabilitation (Campbell & Caldwell, 2016).

Some of the issues could be the service area is not large enough to support the...

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