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Open Closed Source Os Essay

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Open Source and Closed Source Operating Systems

Jim W
November 3, 2013

History repeats once again and proves that the saying, (two heads are better than one) continues to be true! The movement for the collaboration of the thinkers, inventors, and creators; to come together and share ideas and concepts that advance the development of mature and immature open source code is here to stay. The original hackers from the 1950’s (computer enthusiasts’) at MIT’s Tech Railroad Club left their programs in drawers for others to work on. This concept of sharing and developing source code for a wide range of functionality continues to enable programmers and students to use source code as ...view middle of the document...

Individuals can modify and test programs, which can help contribute to finding and fixing bugs that are common amongst new developed software systems. Last, the dynamic of sharing source code across a world of creators and computer enthusiast at no cost, enables the growth and development of open source software significantly to reduce the cost for ownership for the consumer. A report by the (Standish Group, 2008) states that adoption of open-source software models has resulted in savings of about $60 billion per year to consumers.
Closed Source operating systems are those that are created or offered as compiled binary code that can be executed on a computer system. Unlike open source code, not possessing the source code makes it very difficult for programmers to reverse engineer from the binary format to manipulate, advance, or change the code for the better. Some examples of closed source operating systems are Microsoft Windows and Apple’s OS X. Both, which provide software for a variety of computing contexts, including personal, server, and mobile. The most widely used operating systems on personal computers, particularly desktop PCs; tend to be closed source, although open source alternatives are steadily on the rise because of...

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