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John Paul Gajudo BSM41 ACTG411a

Only Irrelevant: A reaction to Nicky Minaj’s Only Music Video
First of all, I would like to point out that I am not a Nicky Minaj hater, I do not hate her and her music but I do not like them either. I am simply aware of her music and the only times I am able to listen to them is when I hear it over the radio. I was also able to watch some of her music videos when it was aired over the television. I am also aware of the extreme unethical behavior showed in her videos. Mostly, I think that she performs this kind of songs not because she wants to express herself but because she wants popularity. She’s in it for the attention and the money. Watching her videos is like watching a ...view middle of the document...

It’s just like they’re bragging how strong their friendship is and how anybody could not stand in their way. There are also a couple of phrases that emphasizes how they would have had like to have an affair with Nicky Minaj and how good will it be. The lyrics alone makes the song unethical. But there is also an issue on the animation. The animation is simple and quite repetitive but it shows a hint of Nazism, or Nazi ideology, which is considered inappropriate because of the terrors from the World War 2. The video also showed one of the singers (Drake) as the Pope in the middle of a church or cathedral. The video also shows a symbol YM, composed of the letter Y on top of the letter M. After a bit of a research, I found out that YM stands for Young Mula, a company started by Lil’ Wayne and includes the artists that are involved in the song. Overall, I think that the message of the song is about the Young Mula, that only them are the real friends and that nobody is a match for them and that somehow they believe that they are the best at what they do.
I find the video to be highly unethical, the lyrics was harsh and full of foul words and it is not suitable to listen to it in public. The message of the song was even more unethical as it delivers a message of self-promotion, thinking that they’re the best, and that only the best can be a part of the group that they’re in. The video is also unethical since they used the role of the Pope as portrayed by one singer. They even used their symbol on what could be considered as the bible. Overall, the music video is inappropriate which is why it became controversial. As to why the singers made such a video, I can only guess that they’re in it for the attention.

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