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Online Vs. Traditional Schooling Essay

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Throughout the development of education, a popular choice has come into existence that seems to be a choice among many individuals seeking to advance their education. That choice is online schooling. The other choice millions of students choose is to go to a traditional college. There are some differences in the two types of schooling, yet they offer the same learning criteria. Students have to consider the pros and cons of each and decide which school setting is best for them. Whether pursuing an online or traditional education, students can be sure they are receiving the same education.
Online schooling is when a student sits in front of a computer and is taught through internet ...view middle of the document...

This choice is one of the best options for students who are parents, with a full time or part time job, who cannot get to a University or Community College due to their other daily tasks. Most of these students fit in school work during lunch hours, and after they have complete household chores and family responsibilities. Students feel that being in the comfort of their home while attending classes is a better solution since they have been out of their homes for the most part of the day. These are many of the perks for choosing an online school. There are still students who actually need to hear and see their professors face to face. There are some students that cannot learn by only seeing words on a screen or listening to a lecture through a computer. These students choose a traditional setting because they have the flexibility during the day to attend classes at a University or Community College. There is no difference between the time it takes to get the degree you are achieving.
Many students have said there was no difference in the learning criteria presented to them by their professors. These students have had experiences in both an online classroom, and in a traditional classroom. In both online and traditional settings the work provided by the Professor was the same. The time taken to do the work is also the same. The only difference is the way the criterion is being learned. While sitting in a traditional classroom, you have a Professor, who explains things out loud, and you are able to ask any questions and receive an answer right away. While in an online classroom everything is written out for students to learn, and unless you give you professor a call, you have to wait for them to log on to the school website in order to answer your questions. Most students are visual learners, meaning they learn better when they read something or are looking at text. These students do well in both settings because they can independently read all text provided by the professor. While some students are auditory learners, meaning if they do not hear what their Professor is teaching, it is hard for them to grasp...

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