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Online Voting Essay

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Online Voting: Good or Bad?
E-voting does exist in various forms throughout the world — from electronic vote-counting of paper ballots, to actual, digital-display ballot machines — but bona fide, entirely-digital systems are incredibly rare. A handful of countries have experimented with remote, internet-based voting for expatriates and armed forces, but the only country to ever hold a fully-digital election — where anyone in the country could vote via the internet — is Estonia, which started in 2007. In 2011, 15% of Estonia’s population voted via the internet. Why is internet voting so slow to take off? Security is one aspect — after 100 years of refining the paper-and-pen approach, it’s ...view middle of the document...

Increasing accessibility through internet voting would be a very good start, though. You would immediately see an increase in turnout from those who can’t physically get to the polling stations, either through disability or expatriation — and we all know that the young vote would explode if you could do it online.
“There is a big push ongoing to encourage states to introduce internet voting for military and civilians living abroad,” said computer scientist and e-voting expert Barbara Simons in a recent e-mail. “Democrats Abroad allowed people to vote in their 2008 primary using an unbelievably insecure system … Much of these efforts are occurring under the radar, because national news does not cover a lot about what is happening at the state level regarding voting.”(2) The sudden emphasis on Internet voting was a response to the failure of a number of states to send out absentee ballots on time to overseas voters, especially to military service members stationed abroad. After Congress passed the Military and Overseas Voting Act (MOVE) earlier this year, requiring speedy delivery of absentee ballots to those abroad who requested them, companies quickly began selling systems to voting officials scrambling to comply with the act. (3)
The internet has become part and parcel of the daily activities of millions of Americans. I believe it is safe to say majority of the world’s populace eats, sleeps, lives through the internet. We live in a world where technology is the order of the day. Sometimes I feel it is taking over the world really fast. Ever since technology birthed the internet, it has brought so much ease to the...

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