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Online Therapy Paper

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Our lives have become quite busy with the ever changing face of the family and the economy. Having to do more work because of short staffing, leaving work grabbing dinner for the family, dealing with a rebellious teenager while ushering your nine year old to soccer practice seems to be your daily routine. With all this running around, and then having to cope with your elderly parents to boot, it tends to weigh big on the mental state of an individual. Even those unexpected events that happen in life will sometimes cause us to need the ...view middle of the document...

The type treatments are anxiety disorder, panic attacks, anger problems, stress, and speech anxiety. The program is usually highly intuitive in the sense that you will not need to ask a lot of questions in order to follow sessions. However, you still will be assigned your own therapist that will guide you through the entire therapeutic process while giving you assignments and feedback on a daily basis. CBT website offers the potential client cost effectiveness, flexibility, convenience, and privacy.


In E-therapy you do not have live video chats. These sessions can be done through text only. There is an understanding that face to face therapy cam be rather embarrassing when you have to speak about personal issues to a stranger in the first time visit. Within the framework of E-therapy you have a large number of counselors to choose from. There is great flexibility with E-therapy. Your sessions are scheduled for either evenings or late hours. One fact regarding E-therapy is you can opt not to see your therapists, also hiding knowledge of your online psychotherapy visits to friends or people that know you. This spares you potentially embarrassing incidences. At the same time, E-therapy works well for clients in rural or remote areas where services of a brick and mortar clinic are unheard-of. Additionally, patients with mobility problems especially due to sickness or disability may find E-therapy very useful

Internet Therapy

Internet Therapy is very effective for individuals that seek help with personal behavior they are not at peace with. Such treatment helps patients overcome habitual tendencies that border on substance abuse, addiction, anger, anxiety, depression, fear/phobia etc. The underlying logic for Internet Therapy is that behavior is learned and as such it can be reversed. The focus for successful behavioral change is on what happens here and now as opposed to the past or cause. Internet Therapy employs techniques that reinforce desired behavior or suppresses undesired behavior. Internet Therapy is very effective for individuals that seek help with personal behavior they are not at peace with. Such...

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