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Online Piracy: Jaywalking Or Theft Essay

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Online piracy is one of the most difficult problems to solution. Online piracy is the illegal downloading or copying of materials or intellectual property that are copyrighted. Intellectual property is an expression or knowledge owned by another individual. There are several forms of piracy that invade the online world – music, movies, software, and videogames.

The issues surrounding online piracy revolve on the difference between physical property and intellectual property. The videogame content is an intellectual property while the CD of the videogame is a physical property. Since piracy is a problem for most software companies and ...view middle of the document...

A number of companies contend that DRM is needed to solve copyright infringement and protect the consumers from viruses. DRM functions to protect the interest of the business and assist in stifling innovation as well as competition by gaining utilization of technology and media.

Objectives that lead to a solution
DRM has certain advantages and disadvantages. DRM is a good tool in protecting copyrighted materials and it enables secured delivery content of property to the consumer. DRM does not use serial keys for protection and allows for a more efficient sales monitoring among content providers. On the other hand, DRM is restrictive to the consumers using the product. This leads to some consumers purchasing a copy for something that is no longer working because of the license expiration. In addition, DRM is ineffective in combatting online piracy and has compatibility issues. DRM technology contains rules that control the availability of the copy. DRM provides companies with ways to charge users for every use of a property and prohibit usage such as file sharing and piracy.

Alternatives Contemplated
Billions of files are being downloaded every month. Such illegal copying of copyrighted materials affects various businesses. Downloading or file sharing of restricted materials is indeed a crime. When a person copies someone’s work, that person steals and disobeys the law. This leads people to get confused of what is proper and what is not when it comes to downloading or file sharing. Copying of materials is not a problem only when the owner is authorized to distribute the copy. It is never proper to copy or download files from pirate sites. Downloading copies for commercial purposes is also not allowed.

Software companies are working together to produce creative ideas. Software is protected by copyrights. Online piracy causes pain to the companies because it diminishes the funding for continued development attempts and overall sustainability. Online piracy also decreases job opportunities and enables unauthorized copies that may contain viruses. With piracy, the users are also deprived of product updates and technical support. Online piracy is theft. It is an act of stealing. Yet, it is undeniable that online piracy makes a lot of money. The problem in online piracy is difficult to manage since the culprits are not situated within the countries. Furthermore, IP address can now be manipulated...

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