Online Media And Role Playing Games Essay

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Online Media and Role-Playing Games
The evolution of video games has come a long way from the medieval days of Atari’s Pong circa early 1970s to the vastly interactive world of the Internet today. Early video games presented the player with one-dimensional problems, for example, Pong simulated Ping-Pong; the players only objective was to hit the rectangle back and forth. Eventually video games transformed into Role-Playing Games, which were multi-dimensional and allowed the player(s) to immerse themselves completely in a fantasy world. The new RPGs allowed the player to problem-solve, strategize, work within a community, and use cognitive skills. According to Squidoo, (2011), RPG’s ...view middle of the document...

MMORPG players spend only about 7.7 hours watching television and a little more than 20 hours in the game world” (MMORPG Hours vs. TV Hours, para. 1). The impact WoW has on its players and communities allows networking, builds confidence, and trust, be it by tasks, points, or through their aviator. No matter what you look like WoW has a place for you; the player is part of a vast community where skills are valued.
O’Reilly (2010), World of Warcraft has been designed as a socially interactive experience. It is extremely difficult to make any real progress as a solo player and impossible to enjoy all the game has to offer if you refuse to align yourself with a group or guild. Believe it of not this unique form of social interaction in the virtual world created by Blizzard has the capability of teaching players some very useful real-world skills (The World of Warcraft Demographics, para. 9).
With the emergence of cross platform gaming technology, we can play games on our smartphones, Web browers, and Facebook accounts. This development offers players the opportunity to play video games anytime, anywhere from their smartphones. Video games originally meant for console play will eventually support play across independent and playable mobile devices, such as the Apple iPad, and smartphones. Another important development in the realm of gaming is the emergence of voice recognition software (voice chat), which gives a player hands free total immersion in the game. All these exciting advancements enrapture professional players and novices alike.
The premise of the game is socialization, despite what critics argue regarding MMORPGs. An unintended message of RPGs, such as WoW, uses accidental learning as opposed to the conventional schoolbook learning. Seely-Brown (2008), “It’s...

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