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Online Learning Essay

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Online Learning
Blackboard. (1998). Educational Benefits of Online Learning. Retrieved from‎
Online Learning can be defined as the yearning for learning using newer technology. It is also the yearning for teaching using the newest technologies to educate those that yearn for an education. More than half of all educational institutes use online learning in some way. Online classrooms help students obtain their education on their own time by allowing them to access assignments on their own time. Online classrooms help improve students communication skills with their instructors and fellow classmates through discussion forums. This allows students to openly discuss how they feel about a topic in a judge free environment, the comfort of their own home. Other students are then allowed to be open and discuss what other students have discussed in their ...view middle of the document...

Franklin University. (2013). Benefits of Online Learning at Franklin University. Retrieved from
Online Learning is the better way to obtain an education when convenience is what a student is looking for. There are many benefits to online learning that traditional learning cannot give you. Online classroom material can be accessed at any time of the day no matter where you are at. The instructors are from all of the country with different perspectives and customs, giving students the opportunity to expand their knowledge. It is easier for students to achieve the grades they want in their classes because they work at their own pace. Not everyone is at the same level when it comes to education. We all need different levels of time to complete an assignment and comprehend the assignments. Online classrooms give us that time to work at our own pace.

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Online Learning has so many benefits. Online learning makes it easier for individuals everywhere to log into the same classroom from different locations to accomplish one single goal, education. Online classrooms allow students to unlimited access to information, fast feedback from submitted assignments, no textbooks, and better methods of learning than traditional classrooms. (2013). How online high schools work, and why they are effective. Retrieved from
Online schools work very differently from traditional schools. How students submit assignments, access classroom assignments, and interact with other students is different in both settings. Online access and comprehension is the key to online learning. One has to know how to navigate online to finish assignments. Online learning benefits many different types of individuals. Some schools are now making online learning a requirement for high school graduation. This later down the road will help students broaden their horizon when it comes to different types of learning.

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