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Online Gaming Essay

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Online gaming has changed the way we play video games. Times are changing to play against
others around the world through the internet. Standard game consoles are becoming a thing of
the past.

Currently as it stands, The gaming industry is experiencing a huge boost in online play.
The telephone and cable companies have dramatically increased the band with necessary for
online gaming. While they have increased band with and technology to handle the demand, ...view middle of the document...

Wireless or WIFI connections can handle online gaming , but its not recommended as the
wireless connection can create what is knows as “LAG” kind of like a hiccup in the uploading
and downloading that occurs suring online play. After the gamer connects the console, the
information is then sent over a coax cable or actual fiber optic connection to the internet. The
gaming server then receives the request to connect to the server, the console is then connected.
When the gamers console sends a request to the gaming server to enter play, the server sends
back the ok to the console to allow online play. While the gamer is playing games, the console
and game server are communicating through these same connections to allow the game play.
Once the gamers console sends a signal to end the game play or the game server loses the
connection to the console, the game server then terminates the session. All of this
communication between the game console and game server is done through multiple telephone
exchanges and repeaters.
I have briefly explained the reason why and how online game playing
has taken over the gaming industry, we will have to wait and see what the future holds for online


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