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Online Education Essay

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Argumentative essay on the benefits of online education
Do you know online education? Online education is one of the way to learn various subjects. We can take a lecture or hand in our assignments through the Internet. Therefore, people can learn what they want to learn whenever or wherever they want. In America, some colleges adopt this education. However, this new way to educate students is not prevailed in all countries because in some countries, they have enough educational system for students. Although some countries have enough colleges or educational system, the online education should be a part of educational system in all colleges for three reasons: cost, study environment, ...view middle of the document...

At this point, if online education became a part of educational system, people using it cannot join in some activities at college like club activities or school festival. This opinion will be accepted in that activities outside some lectures are important to learn relationship or teamwork among people. However, there are many problems inside or outside college. For example, in one of problems at American campus is drug or bullying at college and clubs. As another example of problem, at one university in Indiana state, if a student writes something related to Jesus Christ, the student will not get grade. Compared to this, the online education is open to all people. And to avoid this bad situation, the online education is essential in that people can focus on what they want to learn without heavy pressure or some dangerous problems like drug or bullying, and moreover, the online education is held at any time and by inventing a smart phone, people can take the online education at some place they like. Such freedom in study help students proceed their study, and therefore the online education can give comfortable environmental to people.
Third, compared to present local colleges, the online education is the very essential at all colleges in educational flexibility. Although some people think online education is not necessary because there are lots of colleges, and people can go there and learn what they want to study, which means there is enough situation to study, if the online education become a part of educational system, more and more people can get the chance to keep studying many subjects. For example, many online educational programs are originally created to serve elderly people who are unable to attend classes on campus because of hard job or economic problem. As for Joe Bayron, 42, who is a part-time flight instructor for the Air Force Reserve, regularly bounces between his home in Florida and his military base in North Carolin. With that schedule, he felt an on-campus program wasn't an option so the choice to pursue an online degree was an obvious one. Online programs are convenient for nontraditional students juggling work, school and family, but they may have specific benefits for former and current military members. Service members are particularly transient, often moving from base to base. Distance learning programs allow troops to study anywhere, be it Kentucky or Afghanistan. Online programs also allow students to study at any time of day – a perk for veterans accustomed to working unconventional hours.
The online courses also...

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