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Online Book Sales Essay

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IntroductionInternet Commerce is an extremely competitive arena which requires marketing expertise, competitive products and pricing along with a secured website. Marketing includes the ease of use, as well as the overall design of the website. The design has to adhere to the customers needs of which include aesthetics as well as interface. On Line Book Sales is a competitive e-commerce market. This paper will address 3 specific book sellers: Barnes & Noble, Books Online and Amazon and will describe the look and feel of each of these websites.Website 1 - appears to cater to individuals who are really looking for books by offering a professional and ...view middle of the document...

On the first page of the website, bold red letters can be found: "Want it by Dec. 22?" and a message indicating the number of guaranteed shipping days. An added bonus offers free gift wrapping prior to shipment. A nice feature is a "click-on" icon called "Find Gifts" which has a drop down menu that helps you with gift ideas for different occasions and links you right to them. They also offer gift certificates in that menu box which make the decision option even easier.Website 3 -" is operated by Doubleday Entertainment, a Bookspan subsidiary." According to Doubleday, "We are the premier direct marketer of general interest and specialty book clubs with more than 8.5 million members, and over 40 book clubs including Book-of-the-Month Club®, The Literary Guild®, Quality Paperback Book Club®, and Doubleday Book Club®" (Consumer Guide, 2006). They promote and sell the books directly to their customers and therefore avoid the middleman. By doing so they can offer the "club members substantial savings off the publisher's price on every book every day." In order to purchase books from this site, a person has to choose the club by the category of the book they wish to purchase and apply for membership. They will be unable to check out without membership. The prices range from $0.99 for 5 books to $2.00 for four or five books. In addition, by purchasing other books within a certain time frame, the buyer qualifies for additional free books. Even though they have different clubs, by signing on to any of the clubs and doing a search for a book that is not in that category, there will be search results. It will not always have all...

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