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Dripping black oil began to puddle around my feet as I stumbled out of my 2000 Ford Toyota 4Runner. The smell of burning metal and gasoline began to seep into the air. My entire right side was numb and I could barely feel my face. The strong metallic taste of blood began to fill my mouth, as I bent over to spit out the amount that had now pooled at the bottom. I struggled to remember how I got to this part of Interstate 270, when I started off on the East Side of Columbus. I slowly hobbled to the front of my car to survey the damage. Fighting to keep my footing, I noticed my hands were violently shaking. Never in my life had I flipped a car before, but during those rolls my heart skipped ...view middle of the document...

The car sputtered to a start and without looking in my rearview, I turned up the music and reversed out of the parking space, all in one motion. The details of how I arrived on interstate 270 still escape me to this day, but I do recollect the events right before the accident. I was singing along with my music when a silver BMW cut me off in an attempt to get off at the next exit. Normally, I may just yell profanities to myself, but after a couple drinks, I felt I needed to handle things slightly different. Pushing the gas, I accelerated and quickly passed her on the left. Then, just as quickly, I yanked the wheel hard to the right to cut her off. Unfortunately, the jerk that I had to make to compensate for the initial action was too much for my car to handle, or too much for me to handle. In an instant, my car was flipping end over end with me in it. After what seemed like an eternity, it violently hit the guard rail and came to an abrupt stop in the median. I realize I was in the wrong, but it affected me that no one came to my rescue after I scrambled out of the car.
The feeling of not being in control is one of...

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