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One Two Three Essay

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Hamlet the Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
In this document I will make a compare between The Lion King and Hamlet. The book of Hamlet was very popular and late came out films of Hamlet; the lion king is one of the films witch is written according Hamlet. Both are very popular almost all children have seen the lion king and nearly all adults know about Hamlet (book).
Because Hamlet became so popular, that created film even for children; Leon King. Ok in beginning I wounded why this (created) history of Denmark’s king was or is so popular and like something important in people’s ...view middle of the document...

2) In both the prince is only one who is real missing the king.
3) Uncle is the real murder in both.
4) King comes like a ghost and talks with his son.
5) Ophelia in Hamlet and the female lion in the lion king. Is something like a girlfriend in both?
6) Everyone is shocked when true about the murder comes out.
7) Everything gets worse and worse under the uncles kingdom.
8) Uncle dies in both of tragedies.
9) Kingdom goes back to Hamlet son.
Differences between hamlet and lion king
1) Hamlet is played by people, with the lion king of beasts.
2) King hamlet is diet from the beginning and Mufasa is alive from the beginning in the lion king.
3) Prince is not children in Hamlet but in lion king he is not adult yet.
4) Prince seems that he is guilty of his father's death. But it is not in Hamlet.
5) Prince returns. Not in the hamlet.
6) Uncle is not cooperating with the enemy. But the scar makes it.
7) Hamlet's spirit comes and tells what should the son do and who was his killer. In lion king he just talks about who he should be. Nothing about the murder.
Like Concluded we can say that the Lion King is created more for children and the things with is difficult to understand to children is removed from the lion king. But real Hamlet with is more for adults have more advanced language and scenario.

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