“One” Short Film Essay

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The project is to produce the first motion graphic short film telling about the Muslims in the future. For information, most of the motion graphic film that is shown in the television, cinemas as well as the new media “Internet” is based on the Western way of life and perspective. The film is produced with the combination of real world videography and CGI (Computer-generated Imagery) technique that will enhance the storyline development. The story is about the revival of Muslims in the future whereby a group of Muslims will be united facing the cruelty of the Zionist. The concept of story that is trying to be ...view middle of the document...

1.1.2 Problem statements

In the development of this project,there are several problem definition that should be emphasized which are:
i) There is no such motion graphic film that illustrate the value of islamic brotherhood and unity yet.
ii) There are only a few source or reference of how will the muslims in the future will be like, so new ideas will be brainstorm and research will be made to fully design new idea of the muslim in the future without neglecting the islamic aspect in them.
iii) There are not so many motion graphic film that are using the technology in Malaysia. Even if there are, the elements used are not really of quality like the Western are.
iv) There are less film that are produced that tells us (Muslims) to unify and become one entity.
v) The tendency of people to rely on Western sources and influence by its content which contradict with Islam.

The statement of objectives of the project are as follows:
* To demonstrate the real value of Islamic teaching to the audiences as been taught by Prophet Muhammad SAW conveyed for all mankind.
* To create awareness regarding the Palestinians issue which last for more than six decades among the Muslims around the world.
* To promote the spirit of Islamic brotherhood among Muslims around the world in fighting the injustice of the world order.
* To lift the spirit of the Muslims to become a strong Ummah to strive for Islam with the use of multimedia technology.
* To encourage people to learn multimedia technology for beneficial purpose.

1.3.1 Scope
The scope of the project is within International Islamic University Malaysia whereby it is the center of education which places many people from various countries especially Muslims. The film also relate IIUM environment itself as part of the film despite other features that will be produced in outdoor shooting footages as well as using green screen technique. It is accomplish through real-time videography beside the injection of a 3D model and virtual scenery.
1.3.1 Target audience
The project is targeted mainly for the Muslims especially within the International Islamic University Malaysia. The goal is to make IIUM community aware on the issue that we try to bring out; so that they love to watch the film in understandable situation. It also can be premier during significant occasion held by Muslim anywhere such as forum, seminar, convention, talk and etc. In future, there is a plan to commercialize the film to local production house suitable for Malaysian film industry.
1.3.2 Specific platform
The platforms in producing the film comprise of cinematographic and videographic tools, rendering hardware and software. The details of each platform are shown below:
* Cinematography and Videography
Table 1.1 Cinematographic and videographic tools
Tools | Model |
Videography | SONY DSLT A-33SONY NEX C3 |
Lens |...

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