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What are three steps of the one minute manager? Explain what each step means to you.
The three steps of a one minute manager are:

One minute goal to me means simply to define your goal and fully understand what needs to be done, know what possible problems can arise to stop achievements and come up with solutions beforehand.

One minute Praising- it’s most naturally that one needs to be recognized for the good work that he/she has done. So when a boss comes and praise their employee most naturally they will want to continue making the right decisions. It’s true that an employer should not wait a whole entire year to praise his employees but can do it right there and then in just one minute and it will be appreciated.

One minute reprimand- if an employee knows what needs to be done and has screwed up, they don’t need their boss to point out what they did wrong as they know right away. However I think that it is something good that the boss address the problem right away and make it effective. Sometimes one needs someone to point out when they are wrong so they don’t slip up again.
2. Why did the one minute manager not have a high employee turnover?

They didn’t have a high employee turnover as the employees were satisfied and they were right where they wanted to be. The one minute manager was not only a manager but also a trainer.
3. Why did Ms. Gomez call the one minute manager the best trainer of people? Do you agree with this statement?

He is called the best trainer, because whenever they have spent two years with him and they have a new manager opening they would send them to that spot. He always had someone that was ready.

4. What are two parts of the one minute reprimand? How effective do you think this is?

The two parts of the one minute reprimand; firstly you tell them what they did wrong right away, let them know how u feels about what they did , and then you pause for a little second of silence so they know what they did.
The second part is just basically saying to touch them let them know that you’re on their side, that you value them and that you think well of them and not of their performance and that you expect better from them. Realize when the reprimand is over it is over.
Furthermore I believe that it is effective as if an employee knows what he/she is supposed to be doing then they will see this as constructive criticism and will try with all their power not to do so again as they know what is expected of them not only from the boss but their
own requirements that they set.
5. What was learned about laughing from the one minute manager?
We learn that the value of being able to laugh at ourselves when we make a mistake and it helps us get on in our work.

6. When was the one minute manager not available for meeting an outsider? What does this illustrate to you?
He was not available on Wednesday morning form 9 am – 11 am. As that was the time that...

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