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One Malaysia Essay

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One Malaysia


One Malaysia has been introduced by the sixth Malaysia Prime Minister YAB Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak. Prime Minister chosen One Malaysia as his guide and goal for his premiership. One Malaysia is formed to re-orient Malaysia towards greater unity and success. National philosophy would be the concept of One region and Ultimately One World. One Malaysia is also known as one dream, one people and one nation. The two paramount cardinal principles underline in ...view middle of the document...

One Malaysia request Malaysians with different races and backgrounds unite under one flag. One Malaysia concept is a right formula for national harmony and also towards enhancing regional and global peace World. The new nature of One Malaysia is requiring the Malaysians to live, eat and breaths interdependently. To enhance the performance, the most important is understand the status of the “Bahasa Malaysia”, respecting the religions and cultures of others. All of these contribute to the pockets of understanding and cooperation in our interaction. The core elements of unity are, firstly the attitude of acceptance among the races and the people, secondly is the principle of nationhood based on the Federal Constitution and the “Rukun Negara” ( National Idelogy) and thirdly is the social justice and shared values.

The government had coined the slogan “People First, Performance Now” as part of the One Malaysia concept. The theme means that in emphasizing the importance of unity among Malaysians, the government will also give preference to issues regarded as important by the people. The government also stresses on performance and...

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