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One Hundred Years Of Solitude By Gabrial Garcia Marquez This Paper Discusses The Repitition Of Life Patterns In The Buendia Family

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One hundred Years of solitudeThe village Mocondo is founded by the fated cousins Ursula and Jose Arcadio Buendia who are escaping from the past. In the beginning the "village [is] truly happy" (pg. 18), yet as children, and then grandchildren come, patterns become apparent. The Buendia family blindly follows the mistakes of their ancestors, forgetting their past, living in and seeking solitude, and never feeling true love. JAB (Jose Arcadia Buendia) has dreams of "infinite rooms" (pg. 136) where he walks through the same room over and over, but is never able to interpret this dream as a warning concerning the paths and choices of his family. Melquiades, the gypsy who befriends the family, ...view middle of the document...

Throughout the novel she "[confirms] her impression that time [is] going in a circle" (pg. 209). Later Jose Arcadio Segundo witnesses the banana company massacre three thousand people and then haul them away on a train. He tries to tell others, but they insist, "there haven't been any dead here" (pg. 285). He realizes that the fear of the company causes people to forget what they had seen. The residents' amnesia in Mocondo is needed to keep a Utopian Society, and also ironically leads to its downfall.The Buendia family is a victim of solitude. It all starts with Ursula and JAB creating their own solitude by leaving to start their out town, but it plagues each of the family members down the line, as each feel the need to seek solitude. Solitude during the Utopian Years was essential, since outside forces would corrupt it. Yet, once the Utopian Society is corrupted, solitude becomes a reclusive monster during the war years. Colonel Aureliano, during the height of his career, comes to a revelation that he is only "fighting because of pride" (pg. 152), and is "lost in the solitude of immense power" (pg. 160) Once his foundation has broken away with this truth, he returns to Mocondo, but the solitude never leaves him and he spends the rest of his life in his room designing little gold fishes, melting them down, and then making them again in a "vicious cycle" (pg. 203). Amaranta, daughter of JAB and Ursula, lives in the solitude of virginity, and wears a black bandage on her wrist to symbolize it. She is a good friend of Colonel Gerinaldo Marquez, who gives her daily visits, and often propositions her. After months of not giving an answer, he rejects him and "[locks] herself in her room to weep over her solitude unto death" (pg. 158). Then there is the strange solitude of Remidos the Beauty. The child, "not of this world" (pg. 225) has fatal looks with the power to kill men. She does not see the convention of others, and "wanders through a desert of solitude" (pg. 222), which she makes for herself by living life going at her own pace, walking around naked when she pleases, and "bearing no cross on her back" (pg. 222). Every Buendia seeks out solitude. Yet in context, the...

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