One Day In The Life Of Ivan Densivoich

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Katie Hartey
One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

Everyone in life has to go through tough times; sometimes they last longer than others. One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich gives an incite of something no book has never exposed before. Shukhov, the protagonist and main character, has to surpass the struggles and make the best out of his many days in the camp. By doing hard work and having pride in it makes the days seem to go by faster and less painful. Shukhov constantly demonstrates his good work and is always pleased with the end result. He receives respect and recognition for his hard work and he makes his work his own personal pleasure and pride.
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Life for everyone was difficult and insecure. Everyday there was food shortages, crime, and corruption that was widespread. The common man of Russia was a prisoner in his own country. Even though nothing seems to be going right, he demonstrates that hard work can get you through. By doing your job seriously and working hard at it you have something to focus on that will take your mind off of the fact that you are a prisoner in a camp. Shukhov showed that he was able to work hard and able to produce a job well done which after time got him recognized. Being recognized and having done a good job is a reward within itself. It didn’t matter how hard the work was or the conditions as long as you could find a way to get through the day. “ Never mind how hard it was to begin the workday in such freezing cold, the thing was to get over the beginning—that was the important part.” (Page 43) By having a job to look forward to each day the only real task is getting to it and being able to work on it. If you only put yourself through the motions you won’t have anything to look forward to waking up to.
In the mornings when it is below twenty degrees you need some incentive to be able to get out of bed each morning only to remember that you are a prisoner in a camp. For Shukhov his reason for getting up was to be able to work on a job that he was given. Doing work that you are trying to do a good job on will make you want to do the work. If you want to do the work then the days seem to go by faster and make them less painful. ...

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