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One Child Policy Essay

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One Child Policy: Right or Wrong

The world today consists of almost 6.9 billion people. China itself, serves host to more than 1.2 billion people. This astronomical figure is more than 17% of the enite word population. For centuries China has stood as a leading civilization, outpacing the rest of the world in the arts and sciences. On the other hand, over the last decade, it has also plummeted economically. A big factor for this massive downfall is its overpopulation within the country. Due to this exponential increase in population, the Chinese government has installed a “one-child policy”. The one-child policy solved the overpopulation issue in China, but it also introduced a variety ...view middle of the document...

The Chinese government refers to it as the family planning policy. “It officially restricts married, urban couples to having only one child, although they do allow exemptions for several cases including; rural couples, ethnic minorities, and parents without any siblings themselves.” (Rosenberg) A spokesperson of the Committee on the One-Child Policy has said that approximately 35.9% of China's population is currently under the one-child restriction. (Nie) The policy was introduced in 1978 and initially applied to first-born children in the year of 1978. The main purpose for this policy was to alleviate social, economic, and environmental problems in China. Along with reducing the population growth, the policy also helps society in other ways. The citizens' savings rate has increased since the one-child policy was introduced. The average Chinese household now uses fewer resources, both in terms of time and money, which gives many Chinese people more money in the long run. The economy is much more stable, and the poverty rates have decreased. (Rosenberg)
Although it has succeeded it relieving the economic stresses on the country, it has also brought to rise some significant problems. The policy has resulted in an increase in forced abortions, female infanticide, and un-reported female births. The reason for this is that in China, male children are very important to the people because they pass on the family name. If a family can only bear one child, and that child happens to be female, there is a high chance that the baby will either be aborted, killed, or given up for adoption. Sexism in China has always been an issue, and now it has become even more of an issue. Males were completely dominant in China.
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They did most of the work and were the head of the household. And now with this new policy, there will be far more males than females living in China in the future. Yes, the one-child policy will attempt to significantly reduce the population growth rate, but it might lower it to a point where reproduction occurs very rarely. If male dominance continues, the ratios between males and females will continue to widen. The Chinese take their cultural beliefs very seriously and will do anything to keep their ancestors happy. The fact of carrying the family name on to their next generation should not determine whether a child should live or die. The bottom line is that girls in China receive far less attention and resources than boys and are deemed in-superior in society. (Fitzpatrick)
A lot of people found it easy to hide their children. Many people had more than one child and did not let the government know. The biggest problem coming from this was the children that were not registered did not receive any medical benefits. It was as if they never did exist. They call this group of unregistered children the "black population". The “black population” makes it very difficult for the government to keep records of the...

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