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Onboarding Essay

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Training Plan Template

Student Name: ____________

Date: ___________________

Training Plan Template
Claims Supervisor will receive job coaching provided by HR manager and District Claims manager. They will receive training with common types of customer calls with various scenarios. The coaches will gage to see how New Claims supervisor performed the different levels customer service training specific developing certain skills of; empathetic listening, recall of the issue, critical thinking that will leave the employees and customers satisfied. In turn our employees will be happy with the support and Epic’s customer base will increase as our employee’s knowledge ...view middle of the document...

3. Simulation of material with computer based programs that rehearses issues and then gives choices to choose what would be best for the employee and customer service. 4. Training Guidance with on the job training with a job coach the Claims Supervisor will experience how to properly handle the employee and customer issues. Successfully use and train employees to use the Company’s computer based system. 5. Retention will have required continued training after six months of hire or as needed Enhance retention by providing a varied types of leadership skill building. Provide feedback and help develop policy and training for employee relations. |
Goal #1: Achieve Higher Levels of employee and customer satisfaction by training newly hired Claims supervisor efficiently and successfully meet employee and customer needs. Goal #2: Create a Uniform Customer Service Policy and Mission Statement the employees can refer to and feel they are a part of. Goal #3: Develop Claims supervisor Continual Improvement Training and Guidance by providing continued training that increases the Claims supervisor with the knowledge, skills, and methods to increase critical thinking and problem-solving to provide exceptional employee and customer service. |
Training Requirements
Newly hired Claims supervisor will complete a 90 mandatory training program that will include computer based, job coaching and training along with simulation time for the most common types of customer calls in various scenarios. Complete employee relation building and leadership training. Continued training for retention will be completed...

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