On The Night Of Your Birth

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On the Night You Were Born II Kings 17:6-14 and Luke 15:17-24 Rev. Dr. Zina Jacque August 29, 2010

Beloved of God, do you know, have you ever wondered what happened on the night you were born. My family story holds that somewhere around the end of August in 1956 Dr. E.L.C. Broomes told my Mother not to get her hopes too high. After all, this was her fifth pregnancy, and though she had finally moved beyond the 30 week mark, she still had many weeks to go and she should not get her hopes too high. There was no guarantee this baby would make it. But then, on the evening of October 30th, sometime after dinner, something within my mother moved, something within her said, it is time and all the ...view middle of the document...

Or notice the bears asleep at the zoo It’s because they’ve been dancing all night just for you. Or drift off to sleep to the sound of the wind Listen closely; it’s whispering your name once again. For never in story in verse or in rhyme Never ever not even once upon time Has the world ever known one like you my dear friend. . . And it never, not ever will know one again. Yes, heaven blew trumpets and played every horn On the wonderful marvelous night you were born.

On the night I was born, on the night you were born, no matter what else happened, God whispered in our ears, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. God whispered into our hearts the promises of the 139th Psalm, the promises that the choir sang, where ever you go, I will already be there. On the night you and I were born the God who loves us smiled broadly and all creation celebrated and sang and the night of your birth, my birth was held in God’s heart as very good. But somehow the story of our birth did not enter our hearts. Somehow we who are human find it hard to remember the songs of joy lifted high on that night. Maybe we have never been told about the wonders that occurred on the night we were born or what we are worth to God.


And maybe the people who lived during the time of the writing of II Kings had never been told of their worth either. For they did not act like they knew they were precious to God. Did you hear the text Ted read this from II Kings? The people, God’s people insisted on doing dastardly things in secret. They insisted on building idols to other gods. They refused to remember what they had been taught from their youth, that their highest goal was to be obedient to God and they refused to turn toward the God who loved them and instead turned their backs and walked away. And they were not alone; the one we know as the Prodigal son from the Gospel of Luke could not remember either. He too turned his back on all that he was, on all that God intended for him. And he did it in the most despicable manner. Though we did not read the beginning of the Prodigal Son’s story, if we had and if we knew the Greek we would see that in the most disrespectful way possible, this youngest son approaches his Father and says, I do not care whether you live or die, give me my part of the inheritance, give me my part of your bio, in the Greek, your life. In other words, drop dead old man, I just want what you owe me. Somehow the joy that was resident in creation on the night they were born, somehow the story of their birth had not been told to them in a way they held in their hearts. Somehow they did not believe that God saw them as very good and that God would provide for them. Somehow they did not know how precious they were to God and they strayed, they strayed far away. And so have we. We who were made in God’s image and likeness, we who were celebrated on the night we were born have also, just like the Prodigal Son and the people of the ancient times, we have turned our...

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