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On The Job Training Essay

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On-Job-Training (OJT) is probably the most common form of training used by most employers for the new recruits. While OJT is commonly practiced by most organisations, some studies have suggested that it can be problematic. Describe the system of OJT and discuss the possible drawbacks of OJT techniques and suggest possible solutions to overcome the drawbacks that you have identified.


"If all I do is hear, I will forget
If I hear and see, I will remember
If I hear, see and do, I will understand".” (Confucius, 2005, April 17)

It’s proven and well tested! Experience is definitely the best teacher. Every employee may have experienced some kinds of on-the-job ...view middle of the document...

Different Manifestations of OJT

On-the-job training has evolved into a diversity of manifestations. There are several general types of on-the-job training. Job rotation is one manifestation of OJT. In job rotation, the employee is assigned to different positions and possibly different departments for pre-arranged periods of time. The combined evaluation of the different work experiences determines the employee’s final job assignment.

A second form of OJT is coaching. In coaching, the trainee must already possess some level of skills and knowledge at a job. The trainer acts as a coach to facilitate learning and guide learners rather than instruct or train them (Sullivan, 1998).

Mentoring is very similar in that it calls for a higher level of initial skill and job knowledge, as does coaching. The mentor is generally a supervisor or manager rather than a co-worker. The intention of mentoring is to support the employee, help orient them to the job and work environment and “prepare the employee for increasing
responsibility” (DeSimone and Harris, p.145).

Job shadowing allows an employee to learn about and benefit from brief stints of job training while the employee observes and participates in the work of another employee. Job shadowing is an excellent approach to the job training of employees who provide back up for jobs such as payroll. Job shadowing is also perfect for an employee with an interim assignment resulting from an employee termination.
Job Instruction is also known as training through step by step. Under this method, trainer explains the trainee the way of doing the jobs, job knowledge and skills and allows him to do the job. The trainer appraises the performance of the trainee, provides feedback information and corrects the trainee.
Under the committee assignment, group of trainees are given and asked to solve an actual organisational problem. The trainees solve the problem jointly. It develops team work.
Apprenticeship is a formalised method of training curriculum program that combines classroom education with on-the-job work under close supervision. The training curriculum is planned in advance and conducted in careful steps from day to day. Most trade apprenticeship programs have duration of three to four years before an apprentice is considered completely accomplished in that trade or profession. This method is appropriate for training in crafts, trades and technical areas, especially when proficiency in a job is the result of a relatively long training or apprenticeship period, e.g., job of a craftsman, a machinist, a printer, a tool maker, a pattern designer, a mechanic, etc.

Structured vs. Unstructured OJT
As the history of OJT suggests, it is found in every workplace to some degree of formality or informality. As soon as one employee asks another, “do you know how to…” OJT is about to occur. What most people think of however, when they think about OJT, is the less structured...

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