On The Inside And Outside Of Culture

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Throughout the world, different people from all countries are connected in so many ways. The most common connection is our culture. Each country, state, city and town have different cultures that vary between the environment and the people who live within the community. Our prior generations have proved to us that we can live in harmony and in segregation. This essay is not about the individuals who distinguish us as harmonious or separated, but it is to explain how so many cultures have advantages and disadvantages to understanding cultures both as an insider and a outsider.

The advantages of understanding a culture on the inside are family traditions, completely immersing yourself ...view middle of the document...

Once a person is born they automatically start to adapt the behaviors and practices of those who surround him or her. From the very beginnings of the Americas, there have been wars on our shores and around the world. Many men and women serve their country to protect their dignity and fellow countrymen. Although serving in the military is a full time job, its purpose is to also give back to our country with patriotism and honor that many Americans have endured over the course of hundreds of years. Chris Rasmussen, author of the article Generations of Warriors 1-61st Veterans Reunite, Meet Current Counterparts, tells about his scheduled reunion with veterans of Vietnam. “ Making the reunion happen was no easy task, Marzan, who had began looking for names and ages that matched his plaque he had that listed their names…. After being reunited…. The veterans had the chance to meet and speak with basic combat training soldiers…. Krumweide (Lt. Col. Who located the veterans) said it was beneficial for soldiers to meet some veterans”. Lt. Col. Krumweide had the veterans speak with soldiers to let them share experiences on and off the job. This was a strong tactical movement towards true victory of his soldiers. Rasmussen illustrated this reunion to identify our patriotism as our culture grows everyday. Completely immersing yourself in a culture can be the most beneficial way to understand your fellow participants and their experiences.
Lastly, stereotypes evolve from every culture around the world. As sad as it seems people judge others for what they believe in. believers soon come to realize who what where why and how these “others” come up with racial slurs to make them feel inferior. Most of the stereotypes that we know today are negative and insulting. For example, Judith Ortiz Cofer, a distinguished writer who came to the U.S. from Puerto Rico in 1956. Cofer explains how she felt when an American boy leans in for a kiss at her first formal dance. “when I didn’t respond with sufficient passion, he remarked resentfully: I thought you Latin girls were suppose to mature early. As if I were expected to ripen like a fruit or vegetable, not just grow into womanhood like other girls” (393) Cofer reacted just as any girl would, disgusted and horrified. But not many girls are faced with the cold truth that they are looked at as simply sex symbols. Understanding the stereotypes of your own culture plays a huge toll in self respect and self-efficacy. Self- efficacy is defined as an individuals belief that he or she is capable of achieving certain goals or performing at a level that can influence events in life. People who have a high level of self-efficacy, tend to have positive attitudes and have personal control over his or her life. these people understand that stereotypical people have similar struggles in their life than their own. Such as; family, friends, work, school, and most of all money. Therefore, understanding a cultures stereotypes helps...

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