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The Humble Beginning that Keeps Gatsby from Daisy

After reading The Great Gatsby, many people would try put the responsibility of Gatsby onto the shoulder of the corrupted society and the cowardice of the heroin, Daisy. However, money worship is never absent during any time; and cowardice exists in every man and women, even though when they are in love. But not all the people in love are kept away from their beloved ones. Therefore, I think it is the humble beginning of Jay Gatsby that leads to his tragedy of losing love. Some may object that there are countless people born in poor families, but the point is that every poor family is different from each other. It is Gatsby’ poor family ...view middle of the document...

Second, his family fails to offer him a good education, therefore, put him into a lower class of the society. From the occupation that Gatsby has gone through and the business he is dealing with, we can read that Gatsby does not belong to the same class with Daisy and Tom Buchanan. There is a concept called “well-matched marriage” in Chinese culture, saying that only when the man and the woman are from equal family can the marriage be called a good one. It is not proved to be wrong. Only when the two people are of the similar social class and life experience, can they understand each other and accept the behaviors of each other. In the Great Gatsby, although equipped by great wealth, Gatsby is not a gentlemen essentially. Whom he associates with are gamblers and unlawful businessmen, which may have a determining influence on his characteristics and behaving pattern. Actually, Tom is far more meaner then Gatsby, but he never loose his temper at Daisy’s presence. In other words, Tom appears to be a gentleman who is more acceptable than Gatsby as a Nobody.

Moreover, the poverty and tough...

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