On The Existence Of A Negative Existential

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What is a negative existential? On paper, it is defined as a description which seems to explain that of something that could not be possible when considering truth-value, regardless of the fact that we as humans discuss things that do not “exist” to the eye on a regular basis. Although it seems as though making statements such as these would come off as straight-forward and simple, existence is a philosophical outrage amongst many scholars that currently study the sort. We speak of many non-existent people, places, and things, yet seem to do so without disarray. But, what is not considered is the language of which we speak it, and that the idea that we are discussing something that seemingly ...view middle of the document...

Imaginary or not, it still represents X. Betrand Russell, one of the founders of analytic philosophy, seems to agree when stating the example of “(40) The present king of france does not exist,” yet he finds this to be true. Russell’s analysis in this case would state that “the present king of france,” would be universally instantiated, claiming that the present king of France, infinitely true regardless to it’s existence, is instantiated because if the idea that it represents. Russell, in this case, would agree with the idea that if it is being spoken of, it indeed has identification and exists. Russell also points out that we are not acquainted with the minds, thoughts, and perceptions of other people but, because we are acquainted with how our own minds work and have the experience of our own thoughts and ideas, we have some knowledge of how other human beings think and perceive the world. This relays back to the initial fact that once something has been thought of, it immediately holds some sort of existence. Everything in the universe holds a truth-value, but in the utmost large scale of viewing it, everything holds a truth. It all relays back to unity. The negative existential is therefore correct because of the idea that one can perceive it as true. Russell would have to view this as correct, but what Russell fails to recognize is the idea that everything has to be true due to an ultimate rely on unity.
On a note of unity, the human race has all been placed on earth for reasons scientists have yet to discover, but regardless we have been placed. We have learned to communicate through a multitude of languages that we feel have the capacity to describe our thoughts and feelings that start in our brains, conform into a sentence of whichever language is native to that human, exit through our mouths with a notion of sound. It then gets heard by the ears of another, and is interpreted by however that human chooses to perceive the thought. This language, or communication representation is how one can be brought out of solitude and into a world where they feel understood. This process of communication can be grouped into a thought, or a process, but regardless of the word to which we choose to pair it to, it has a certain matter of existence. In arguing that the existence is not seen, yet intuitively known, it results often in...

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