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On Line Social Sites Essay

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The research was conducted for the purpose of finding out the influence of social networking sites to the interpersonal relationship of first year AIT students of LSPU – SCC .
Descriptive method of research was used, a questionnaire survey was also implemented to find the results. Purposive sampling was used to gather the respondents, they can be either male or female. The researchers used 110 students of the total first year AIT in College of Computer Studies .
After the data gathering , it was encoded and tabulated to find the frequency, percentage and weighted mean.
Of the 110 total respondents, 65 or 59 % are female and 45 or 41 % are male. They were at ...view middle of the document...

1 have 201 to 300 friends, 12 or 10.9 % 301 to 400 friends and 63 or 57.2 has 401 or more friends meet on line.
On the mean level of influence of SNS to the interpersonal relationship of the respondents with his Family, Friends and Teachers, that of 110 respondents, they rarely want to socialize more with family and friends, expressed in weighted mean of 2.74 , among respondents they always want to keep in touch with their family, with the weighted mean of 3.44, On statement number 3, respondents were able to established better communication with their family and relatives for 3.24 , On statement number 4, said that they express themselves better with the family becomes better always , expressed with 2.99.
On statement number 5, said that their relationship with the family becomes better always , 17 or 26 % said that they often felt it , 16 or 25 % sometimes felt it becomes better , and 31 or 47 % said that 3.99 . Lastly, the respondents relationship with the family becomes better using SNS, with weighted mean of 2.83 .
On Friends , the respondents felt they sometimes interact more with friends using SNS, it makes them in good terms with friends, they can expressed themselves more , they enjoy spending time with friends and meet more friends , this cane be seen on weighted...

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