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On Line Social Networking Essay

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On Line Social Networking
The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and examine the social network of Facebook and the effects it has on society. As a society Facebook has brought us together and torn us apart at the same time.
Facebook is on line network that was launched by Mark Zucjerburg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Savearn, and Chris Hughes all were students at Harvard University. It was launched in February 2004. Facebook is a medium for communication. A user creates a profile. With this profile the user can add a photo, a list of personal information, contact information, personal interest, and personal information. A user can use Facebook to commutate ...view middle of the document...

People become accustomed to communicating over e-mail, IMs, and wall postings. We can lose basic manners and social skills. People are also always connected to their virtual community, so they will think there is no need to talk to or meet new people. Think of waiting at the doctor’s office. 10 years ago people would chat with others in the waiting room, making connections. People use cell phones, Ipads, laptops to talk, and communicate with people they already know. People do not have a need to reach out to the person sitting next to them for conversation. While existing as part of an on line community can make one think they are connected. One is only connected to a virtual world, unlike when one participates in a local civic organization with strong ties to the geographical community.
Basic manners and corrected grammar are challenged using these social sites. Cultivating your image is reinforced on these sites. For example if one wants someone to think they are athletic they can post picture of themselves at a game or photos of people doing active things. It does not mean they participated but to the facebook world the assumption is this person is active and healthy. Social networks such as Facebook, dilutes the depth of interpersonal relationships with emphasis shifted toward quantity with less real depth, as opposed to quality existing in fewer numbers.

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