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On English Fast Reading Of Senior Middle School

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On English Fast Reading of Senior Middle School
Li Shengwen

Thesis: This research paper is mainly about how to teach fast reading
of senior middle school and some suggestions on teaching fast
Ⅰ.Introduction: the importance of fast reading and the concept of fast reading.
Ⅱ.How to teach fast reading
A. Help the students take a correct attitude toward fast
reading .
B. Change the student’s bad reading habits.
C. Introduce some basic reading skills used to train the
students’ reading speed.
a. Topic and specific sentence method.
b. Main idea.
c. Understanding synonym and antonym of context clues.
d. Drawing conclusion
e. ...view middle of the document...

To be an English teacher of a senior middle school, we should know how to teach English fast reading and get the students to know how to deal with fast reading.
In China, the senior high students learn English as foreign language. They know a little English knowledge, only some basic words, phrases, sentence patterns and some grammar items. It is difficult for them to read and understand a whole passage, especially the passage with some new words in it. So how to teach the students to practice fast reading is one of the main aims of English teaching in Junior high school. The following items should be the fundamental methods of teaching fast reading.
Firstly, the teacher should help the students have a correct attitude towards fast reading. Some students always think that they couldn’t understand the reading material unless they understand each word and each sentence. Some students consider that reading comprehension means translating each sentence into Chinese. Some students read the reading material word by word and think over each sentence for few minutes. These are the main wrong attitudes towards the fast reading. In fact, fast reading does not mean that a reader needs to understand everything in the text. The reader is actively working on the text. The efficient reader generally reads only on groups of words, not word-by-word, far less letter-by-letter. Fast reading is to understand the reading material as a whole and get more information from the reading material. The reader should understand the text by guessing the meaning of new words or with the help of context clue, and the effective fast reading should also be accompanied with analysis, conclusion, inference and reasoning. While the Students practice fast reading, it is necessary for them to have the above positive attitudes and put them into practice in the procedure of fast reading.
Secondly the teacher must help the students change some bad habits. Good fast reading habits will improve the reading quality and speed up the reading, while the bad reading habits will influence the reading comprehension and slow down the speed of reading. The common bad reading habits are : reading the fast reading material in loud voice or mumbling, pointing to the lines with finger, ruler, or pencil while reading, looking backwards constantly, swinging head softly and continuously, reading the material word by word and relying on the dictionary to look up each of the new words. In order to change these bad reading habits, the teacher must tell them what the bad reading habits and good reading habits are. The following measure can be taken to overcome the bad reading habits. The first, make sure the students read silently and remind them not to read out during the fast reading. If necessary, put a piece of candy in mouth in order to prevent student from reading out. The secondly, ask the students to read the material with the movement of the eyeballs and tell the students it is...

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