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On Confronting Ethical Dillemas Essay

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Elfred Ulysses del Rosario MS Entrepreneurship ID No. 11091193 On Confronting Ethical Dillemas The approach used for each case employs an elaboration of the various ethical concerns that are both stated and implied in each case. Along the way, it will also highlight certain moral values that should be recognized as appropriate resolutions to possible conflicts. The importance of this is to be able to identify and compare possible conflicting values as to which of them bears more moral weight regarding the decision or the necessary course of action. It is important to keep in mind that all views have their own foundations of moral appreciation according to certain values. Some of them do ...view middle of the document...

In this case Ron Jones, a vice president, received information about a competitor’s costing that could leverage the company’s chances of securing a contract. However, I do not think that this information was secured by legal or fair means. It might have been leaked, or an effort by a third party to sabotage the honesty and the intended purpose of the bidding process. I think the first important issue that should be dealt with is respecting confidentiality. I think Ron Jones should recognize the fact that this is a breach in the other company’s confidential costings and procedures, and it would be unfair if Ron’s company would prepare its bid with information other than what his company implements on its own. Second, I don’t think its proper to prepare the company’s bid with the sole purpose of winning the contract. The information acquired might be helpful, but it may affect the way the terms (and even the quality of the bid) are prepared, and may be compromised if securing the contract is the utmost priority. Apparently, Ron is torn between securing the contract either with leverage from dubious sources or by preparing the bid with utmost honesty and integrity. Either he prioritize securing an end with unjust means, or stick by the values that he and his company hold to fairly present a bid that, on the other hand, may or may not secure the contract. Not only is this a matter of securing the contract, but also as vice president, he should embody just and fair transactions regarding these procedures to serve as an example for the rest of the employees in the company. It would also not be healthy for the competition to violate the confidentiality and procedures of the bidding process. The reason why the bidding is done is to give the suppliers a fair chance to present their bids to buyers who on the other handed would also have the chance to have equal and credible access to alternatives and options from suppliers.

CASE 2: Kay Smith This case can be more understood from the various factors that the manager should take into consideration for the right course of action, naming at least the following: 1. Kay’s performance 2. Kay’s interest in transferring to promotion. 3. Replacement difficulty from the recent budget cuts 4. An applicant of a boss’s good friend 5. The applicant’s inferior performance However, there are other also other things that we can imply from the case. First, it is the job of the manager to ensure the quality and performance of his unit or division, and second, is the somewhat distant relationship of the manager to the applicant. Let us begin by taking a brief look at how each of the factors, stated and implied, tend to pull the manager to different directions to give us a better idea on how to approach the problem. As a manager, I do recognize and respect Kay’s interest in applying for promotion to another division. Likewise, I am inclined to think that the new applicant will provide the needed position for the vacancy,...

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