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Older Americans Act Essay

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The Older Americans Act was established in 1965. The year 1965 must be very cheerful for the elderly because finally the federal policy making for the elderly was made and the elderly started to have better care and the benefits of American Society in the areas of income, health, housing, employment, retirement, and community services. In the year 1973, the federal Older Americans Act created a network of local Area Agencies on Aging. They are non profit organizations supported by state governments and responsible for services for elderly people aged 60 and older. In order to help maintain their health and independence in their homes and communities, Area ...view middle of the document...

Michigan has 16 AAAs and most of them are private non-profit organizations created by local governments. AAAs do many things to help older adults by assisting or providing information. One interesting thing is that AAAs provide care management services in order to assist seniors who are vulnerable and even take care of their families. They develop a care plan to assist them. When the services are not available, they also find service providers in the community to provide assistance. However, AAAs themselves do not provide specific services directly or service providers other than care management.The federal Older Americans Act and the state Older Michiganians Act support AAAs financially. Local governments also help and all the money is mean to be used for senior nutrition programs, supportive services, senior employment, home-delivered meals, respite care, adult daycare and much more. For these services, seniors do not have to pay even a penny but donations or cost-sharing are requested.In conclusion, I believe that seniors are the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in America. As I consider their difficulties, I have a lot work to do as a social worker in the future. Through information about social services for older people, I got a better understanding of how the organizations work in many places where help is need. I became more interested to know about the organizations. I suddenly wonder what AAAs in Michigan offices look like, the way they work, and everything about them. I would love to see people work there and the skills they use to interact with clients.

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