Older Adult Patient Education Issues And Interview

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Older Adults Patient Education Issues Essay and Interview

Older Adults Patient Education Issues Essay and Interview
As healthcare professional, caring for the older adult as a patient is an important and sensitive matter, which requires respect and tolerance because of the generational differences that usually exist between the health professional and the patient. In this 20th century the number and proportion of older persons living in the United States has increased dramatically (Falvo 2011 p.297) representing more than 26% of the United States population. These older adults, including baby boomers place tremendous ...view middle of the document...

During the interview conducted with Mrs. L. J. at the nursing home to learn about her experience with the healthcare system last year when she fell and broke her left ankle and foot, it was really impressive to witness Mrs. L.J’s consideration for health professionals. Mrs. L.J. is a 74 y/o female who underwent surgery of her fractured left ankle and foot after an accidental fall at home where she lived independently with her daughter “checking on her occasionally” she said. Mrs. L.J. told me that she could not have made it to this day without the help and support of the team work provided by the nurses, the rehabilitation department staff, the radiology technicians, the laboratory staff, the nurse’s assistants. When asked if Mrs. L.J. received instructions on how to care for herself prior to being discharged home? She responded, “Yes, it took me some times to learn about everything they had to teach me because I was forgetful at times or will miss a step the following day, sometimes the pain or fatigue felt were not helpful either, and the nurse had to go over the instructions again and again, old age problems! But my nurses were very patient and caring with me. They were slow, detailed, used simple words and easy techniques on how to use my crutches for example. My daughter and I had our questions and concerns answered appropriately that we felt confident about ourselves”. She stated that both her and her daughter were taught about cast care, the signs of complications and infection with a cast, and how to check her toes for color, sensation and movement since her daughter will be the one to take care of her at home on a daily basis.
Mrs. L. J. stated: “We were also taught about my new medication regimen by the nurses, on how and when to take the medications including the as needed pain medications, but they warned me about the side effects of pain killers and how to avoid them”. Patient education has significant benefits, including the improved ability of the patient to cope with the inevitable, the...

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