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Oils And Tempera: Two Mediums In Art

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Oils and Tempera: Two Mediums in Art

Oil and Tempera paint are some of the oldest mediums known to artists. Though both are used to create beautiful pieces of art, they have many differences. It is an artist's preference as to what medium they want to use. It also depends on what the artwork will consist of. Is the artwork going to need a lot of detail, which Tempera paint can provide, or are they going to create something that will be more versatile and easier to work with, such as Oil paint can provide? Both have pros and cons. Here are some of the differences and likenesses between Tempera and Oil paint.

Tempera can prove very hard to accomplish but after some practice it can be one ...view middle of the document...

Other famous works created in Tempera, such as Sandro Botticelli's "Birth of Venus" and Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" exemplify the realism that can be achieved with Tempera. The details in these paintings are extraordinary from the smoothness and brightness of the skin tones to the hair and shiny surfaces. Everything seems to glow intensely.

Both Tempera and Oil paints produce luminous colors. They can both be used to achieve life-like quality in a painting. Paintings or portraits of persons have much lightness in the skin colors. These two mediums can be used in combination. The two mediums are the best at providing luminosity in comparison to Acrylic and other mediums. Diego Rivera used both Oil and Tempera paint to produce his painting "The Flower Carrier". Jan van Eyck also combined the two mediums to produce his work " Madonna and the Child with the Chancellor Rolin". Many artists use both mediums to use one a base and the other for texture. They can work together to create a happy balance within textures and still giving the work detail.

Oil paint has been a favorite and preferred medium since the Renaissance period to present times. Pigments mixed with various vegetable oils were used in the Middle Ages for decorative purposes. It was not until the fifteenth century that Flemish painters created a formula to include linseed oil from seeds of the flax plant to be used more regularly. They began to use it on canvas in addition to the traditional wood paneling used by the Old Masters in previous times with Tempera. Oil paint provides more increased opacity than Tempera. They developed glazes to create the luminous quality to the paint. Glazes are transparent films of color applied to previously painted surfaces. Many excellent art materials are available for glazing. Alkyd mediums form one of the largest groups. Mixed with transparent color, alkyds provide a stable material for glazes. Other drying oils such as linseed, walnut, and poppyseed may be used, but the artist should be aware that oils will age, become brittle, yellow, or darken over time. Compared to Tempera, Oil paints...

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