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Oil & Gas Conservation And Its Relevance In Daily Life

5074 words - 21 pages

Pioneer institute of professional Studies, Indore
An Autonomous
Institute Established in 1996
NAAC Accreditation
NBA Accreditation
ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Diligence & Excellence
A Project report

Guided by - Submitted by-
Anupam Singh Maneesh Kumar Chaurasiya
Senior sales Manager MBA-3rd sem Reliance Communication limited Indore

The fact that words are inadequate to express the feelings of heartfelt gratitude realized at this Juncture. Yet I try my best in most humble words to thank ...view middle of the document...

Maneesh Kumar Chaurasiya
MBA, 3rd sem

“Learning categorizes you and practicing on that learning specializes you”.
Theoretical concepts taught and discussed in the classroom prove useful if they have to remain relevant. Practice orientation of management student is must generating competence to deal with issues at grass root level it is for this reason that one month training project study is prescribed as apart of syllabus for MBA Degree.
This training is the mode of imparting practical training to the student. The objective is to provide a deep insight into practical aspects of the functioning of the organization. The train apprises the student to the actual function, responsibility and problem faced by an organization. It provides him with the knowledge of the various kind of problem that crop up in the day to day functioning of the organization .The way they are solved by the departments and appraisal of the crucial decision taken by the manager at the crucial time.
I was fortunate enough to complete my marketing training at RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS, BCM height 1st floor Indore.
This has given me an altogether new experience, which would be immense help to me in my days to come.

1)      Name of the Organization
2)      Name of Reporting Manager
3)      No of Days Sip Done
4)      Industry/Sector Wise
5)      History of Organization
6)      Promoters
7)      Vision
8)      Mission
9)      Quality Policy
10)  Organization Chart
11)    Departmentation
12)    Department Details Which Are Studied
13)    Major Activities Performed
14) Type Of Project Commenced
15)    Internal Departmental Coordination
16)    Major Findings
17)    Conclusion
18)    Recommendation
19)    Bibliography


Type | Public
BSE: 532712 |
Industry | Telecommunications |
Founded | 2004 |
Founder(s) | Dhirubhai Ambani |
Headquarters | Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India |
Area served | India |
Key people | Anil Ambani
Satish Seth
(MD) |
Products | Wireless
Data Cards, Recharge Vouchers
Revenue | Rs 22,948 crore (US$ 4.89 billion) (2009) |
Operating income | Rs 9,305 crore (US$ 1.98 billion) (2009) |
Net income | Rs 6,045 crore (US$ 1.29 billion) (2009) |
Total assets | Rs 102,207 crore (US$ 21.77 billion) (2009) |
Total equity | Rs. 1,032 crore (US$ 219.82 million) (2009) |
Employees | 31,884 (2009) |
Parent | Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group |
Subsidiaries | Reliance Telecom Limited

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