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Oil Factory Of Relevant National Standards And Industry Standards Implementation

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Enterprises in our province to perform are the national standards or industry standards, also made the corresponding enterprise standard, but in the concrete implementation process, there is more or less empirical, inner quality of machines (production process) control is strict, insufficient recognition of the security requirements of a country compulsive standard, individual companies can't even provide 3 packets of prooves,palm oil processing plant ᄃsafety warning signs, most of the enterprise security warning signs.Enterprise information of CB 10395, GB 10396 and its related security requirements enforcement is not enough.
Existing standards of less than three performance: one is the current standard is formulated on the basis of the secondary crushing performance metrics (e.g., tons of material consumption), but as the products constantly improve, the same model the tertiary level 4 press, electric heating, etc., ...view middle of the document...
Oil mill product usage and applicability analysis
Squeezed oil production factory in our province, and its users to its oil mill products performance, two, three packs of services, security, and so on are basically satisfied, because the main raw materials for rapeseed oil in our province, the production of oil mill can not only meet the practical requirements of the provincial market, also meet the needs of the surrounding provinces.Not only can squeezing rapeseed, still can squeeze peanut wait til oil crops;Can be cooked squeeze not only, still can squeeze, applicability more extensive.In our province so far no one has the quality complaints, no case of major quality accidents occurred, users of oil press in our province quality complaints of products are manufactured from other provinces.
5. Press industry present situation analysis and development trend of the estimate
Vegetable oil consumed every year our country population of 1.3 billion total) 1001 t, due to the low level of rural oil industrial productivity, draught fanᄃ,the vegetable oil output is only 7 million t, that is to say, our country is agricultural country, oil, vegetable oil has to be imported from abroad each year 3 million t, to meet the needs of the people with lower levels.
Current market sales of middle and small oil mill, for the most part is the kind of oil press, simple yield efficiency from 30% to 35% or so commonly, squeeze out the oil must be filtered and a certain time of precipitation.With the progress of the society and the improvement of rural demand, oil press industry in general is in progress, some aspects is a breakthrough in the past, in order to improve the yield efficiency, the three level 4 press, electric heating;In order to improve the product quality, increase the vacuum filtration device, etc., the developing trend for belt vacuum filter and high degree of automation, such as electric heating plate type oil press will gradually replace simple oil press.
6. The development of the industry restricting factors analysis and Suggestions to promote the development of industryair product

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