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Official Letter To Ceo Essay

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Task 01
From To
Mohammed Ruhaib CEO of Lanka Staffing
(Network Administrator) Lanka Staffing & Corp

Lanka staffing corporation is a temporary staffing agency. The head quarter is situated in Colombo, Sri Lanka and there are 20 branches island wide. In the head quarter there are 150 employees and includes the accounting, payroll, human resources, and IT departments. At the branch office employs 5 to 20 people an in each branch office there is a branch manager and a representative for the IT departments. The company provides 01 to 05 employees from the sales department to work full time at the Customer offices.

All head quarter employees use Windows 98 desktop ...view middle of the document...

It incorporates the following built-in features that can help considerably streamline your data center operations like .Added power management features that cut hardware and facility costs. Live Migration that moves virtual machines without downtime. Direct Access for connecting remote users without needing a virtual private network. Common tasks now automated to free up IT staff. Remote Desktop Services to enable all applications to run on a single server for greater IT flexibility and security.

Windows 7 has many accompaniments useful features. It will Recovers your data easily with usual backup to home and business network. Windows 7 starts, shuts down, and resumes from Standby faster than earlier versions of Windows. Search and indexing are faster, and you can better take advantage of external USB flash memory drives to improve performance. Reliability improvements in Windows 7 include a Fault Tolerant Heap that resolves common memory management issues a key engineering goal for Microsoft is that software that runs on Windows Vista will run as well or better on Windows 7. Windows 7 delivers new capabilities to better protect your security and privacy, and makes existing security features such as User Account Control and Windows Defender easier to use.

Security wise the advantages I...

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