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Officer Selection Process Essay

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Officer Selection Process 2
This paper will discuss the major components of the state police. It will focus on the selection process which determines if a candidate is suitable to work in law enforcement. In addition, the following will be discussed, the training process and career development programs that are available for officers.
Many different kinds of government agencies have a great deal of responsibility for enforcing the law and striving for protection. To become employed with a state police law enforcement agency, one must go through an extensive process which includes the passing of a written exam, an in-depth background check, oral interview, ...view middle of the document...

For example, a direct question may be, “have you tried marijuana”? An unstructured interview question may consist of, “how much marijuana do you smoke daily”? Structured interviews allow for a better complex comparison between applicants. Unstructured questions are open ended questions and are most likely to contribute more information. The applicants must pass all their selection phases. The applicants score is based on their answers and compared to other applicants on the selection of the criteria.
“The purpose of the psychological screening process is to measure intelligence and to identify personality characteristics and any mental disorders that may lead to problematic behavior in the future” (Grant & Terry, 2008). Some police departments use psychological test. “Approximately sixty-one percent of United States police use a polygraph,” (Grant & Terry, 2008). A polygraph is a lie detector examination that is held in the selection process. The polygraph examination is eighty-five to ninety –five percent accurate. It is used to determine if the candidate is being illusive. It works by documenting unintended physiological changes in the body that transpire when a person in contributing in conscious deception.
“One of the most important changes in police training in the past thirty years has been the development of state laws requiring preservice training for all officers,”(Walker & Katz, 2008). The effect on state authorized training has been the greatest among smaller police departments who may not be able to afford or operate their own training academies. It is said in most states; new officers in small departments are trained at a state training academy or a program certified
Officer Selection Process 4
by the state. In some cases, programs are operated through community colleges. The minimum state training requirements are sometimes minor, due to the number of hours of training, than the programs ran by the larger city police academies.
The training process for state police officers has changed throughout the years. It has become engaged in more physical activity. The training period is longer and covers more subjects. It also is a mandatory requirement by state law. The police academy experience serves several different functions. These functions include: Formal training, executing recruits who are not...

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