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Office Romance And Creating An Ethical Culture

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Janet Lever, Gail Zellman, and Stephen J. Hirschfeld, “Office Romance: Are the rules changing?” Reviewed by, Robert Nzioka, 09-0199, Feb 2010.

The corporate world has for a long time been bedeviled by the issue of office romance. In addition to meeting corporate challenges, companies must effectively deal with the likely impasse posed by office romance. It is imperative that companies effectively rise up to these challenges posed by the controversies of office romance which they often view as a thorn in the flesh in order to guarantee their survival in a highly competitive environment.

Lever, Zellman and Hirschfelds article “Office Romance: Are the rules changing?” is based on ...view middle of the document...

They do however, offer companies protection from legal tussles that may arise from relationships gone sour.

The authors are indeed accepting the fact that office romance does not present immediate dangers for companies. They aim to caution companies of the potential conflicts that can arise from office relationships that both single and married employees find salacious. Their statistical evidence offers testament of the degree or extent to which office relationships afflict organizations. This evidence is important for companies as they attempt to draw up policies to cope with this growing phenomenon. The dilemma however, lies in how to apply the policies with confidentiality and impartiality in order to create a working environment that respects personal freedom while at the same time providing a safe working environment devoid of sexual tension and harassment.

In my view, office romance does indeed present potential areas of conflict. However, the end result of these relationships does rely on the maturity and capacity of the parties to handle the consequences of relationships turned sour with maturity. While I would like to think that this would always be the case, I must accept that it is not uncommon for parties to be unable to handle breakups. This would in turn contribute to work force attrition. The article offers a balanced argument with solutions that can be applied even here in Kenya where cases of office romance are as common as they are in America.
David Gebler, “Creating an Ethical Culture: values-based ethics programs can help employees’ judge right from wrong.” Reviewed by, Robert Nzioka 09-0199 Feb 10.

With the increase in corporate failures due to frauds committed by employees, companies are faced with one major concern, financial stability. Codes of ethics and internal controls have been imposed to foster growth in companies in a bid to achieve this great desire. The effectiveness of these rules and controls are nonetheless in question.

Gebler article “Creating an Ethical Culture: values-based ethics programs can help employees’ judge right from wrong” is critiquing the way organizations ethics programs are just like any other conformity set of laws. Although he doesn’t suggest how organization culture is created, he remedies that, for...

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