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Office Management Outcome 4 Essay

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Office Management LO4

1 Induction
Induction Training - Is training which is provided to all new employees by the employer to assist the new employee in adjustment to their new job, tasks and to help them become familiar with their new role, and work environment and the people around them/people they will be working with. It gives the new employee a basic overview of the company and its services as well as their role in the environment. It also allows for the employer to establish with the new employee what is expected of them in terms of working hours, dress code, any policies and procedures to be adhered to, it is also an opportunity for the employee to establish what their ...view middle of the document...

Training Needs - Performance reviews help to identify any training needs an employee may have as stated above if for example there is a need to more frequently review an individual’s performance because they are not meeting targets or expectations set, this could indicate a training need for that individual and a discussion between employer and employee should take place to discuss the employee’s performance and identify the areas which need development and agree how this will be improved/achieved i.e. through further training, this could be internal or depending on the training need if may be necessary for external training such as bringing in a person to re train or employee/s being sent away on a training day. This would benefit the employee and the company as the employee/s should then be able to achieve targets set by the company.

Succession planning – Is the process of identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill any roles which may become vacant as a consequence of another employee leaving. Succession planning allows a company to identify the availability of experienced and capable employees that may be prepared to undertaken these roles as they become available. This type of planning is sometimes referred to as “replacement planning” and focuses on identifying specific candidates suitable to underrate an available role this is normally a more senior position such as a manager and would be a promotion to the individual, and is beneficial to the company as it is cost effective because it minimises the amount of training etc. needs and will be a person already familiar with the company’s procedures, policies, goals and objectives.
3 Training Needs
An employer should not make the skills and abilities of employees, therefor it is essential than employees performance is reviewed periodically through performance reviews. Other methods could also be used such as customer feedback; this allows the employer to identify the strengths of the employee and any potential weakness/s and or any areas for development and training. By identifying any such needs this allows the employer to provide the necessary training to improve employee’s skills and development.
Proactive Needs for training within Classic Interiors means acting ahead and anticipating event, this means using foresight , Classic Interiors are looking to expand being proactive towards training needs in this situation will allow them to minimize risk, when expanding the company. Planning ahead means they can introduce the training necessary at each stage of change within the company for example where they introduce a new software programme for the interior designers it will be necessary to introduce a training programme. The expansion of the company is also likely to result in a restructure of the company this may see the administration staff being asked to take on more tasks such as the smaller projects delivered online, in order for the administration...

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