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Office Management Assessment Essay

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Office Management Assessment

Classic Interiors

1.0 Introduction
This report is to investigate restructuring the Classic Interiors organisational structure and practices. The Partners of the business would like to expand by offering their studio based service through the internet for their clients, as I have been appointed to the post of Office Manager, the areas that need change include; levels of decision making, office management, financial planning and budgetary control, delegation and leadership skills. With my recommendations, this will see the office staff morale boost, steady work productivity, leadership skills and enhance corporate image.

2.0 Terms of Reference
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4.1.2 Operational
This level is about the short term decision making basis. E.g. day to day. Those who work at supervisory level are office manager, supervisors, administration manager and management assistant would work at this operational level, which collaborates with middle management, closely connected to tactical planning, with tasks such as; staffing, work practices, maximising cost, environmental issues, production levels – costs, quality, control and profits. (Tutor Notes, 2014)
4.1.3 Strategic Decisions
The one possible strategic decision that the partners could make, is to introduce new ICT. This would include laptops and smart phones for the partners who are out with the office, so that the administrators could contact the partners to pass on information or acquire information from the partners and also the clients. This would be a long term plan, as the business is so popular at the moment customer demands aren’t met due to the absence of the partners and the administration staff are not coping with the stress and complaints from the customers. With the laptops, the partners could use that to access company files, online diary, video-conferencing and office software via WI-FI connectivity or WAN (wireless area network). This would then ensure the partners can still maintain communication with communication with the administrators and clients when out with the office, reducing the stress and workload that is left to the administrators, which then they could continue with work at the office improving work productivity. The smart phones is also of use, as where there is no WI-FI connectivity, the partners can be contacted via phone calls, text messages and emails via the WAP (wireless application protocol). This again ensures partners are always contactable for staff and clients, and information can be collated to/from partners and staff.
4.1.4 Making Strategic Decisions
This is a strategic level as management will have to source ICT equipment, costs and the specifications required with the laptops and smart phones. e.g. WI-FI, battery power, software, ram, memory and processor. Management would then have to update staff about this new decision, why this has been made and the benefits of how this can both help the partners and administrators. Because this is a long term decision and procedure, this is why this is a strategic level.
4.1.5 Making Operational Decisions
Currently, there is not an agreed way of handling telephone messages or e-mail requests within the company. This is a problem that an operational manager could implement a procedures to deal with such telephone calls and e-mails. The manager could create a script template...

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