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Office Health And Staftly Essay

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Hazard and Risk Assessment Paper Part 1 (Group)

This organization is a leading independent provider of semiconductor assembly and testing services. It tests a broad range of integrated circuits including mixed-signal, analog and memory. This is integrated device manufacturer (IDM) is a semiconductor company which designs, manufactures, and test development, engineering and manufacturing services and solutions to a worldwide customer base. It operates manufacturing facilities in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and China in addition to its global sales network.

This is a manufacturing company and there are multiple departments that support the organization strategies and objectives. Mainly, ...view middle of the document...

Under this requirement, everybody is required to wear a clean room suit, consisting of smocks, head covers, and booties. 

The group of people working in the hardware room are called Probe Card Specialist (PCS), with 12 hours shift work and minimum two PCS permanently working in each day and night shift. Their responsibilities include performing preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairing of all type of probe cards and hardware. They use the Probe Card Analyser, which analyses the probe card condition and repairs it. At times, customers, equipment and product engineers require modifications on the hardware. All activities in the Probe Card Room must be recorded in the OEE system for internal tracking and audits requirements. A report is required from both customers and vendors regarding the hardware moving in and out the clean room, before engineering work can begin.

PCS are tasked with managing and controlling hardware movement in and out of the hardware room. It involves handling and transferring hardware from storage rack, to the access window and repairing it on the work bench. This routine lifting of these hardware can be at time painful, depending on its size, weight and location on the rack. Routine lifting is defined as multiple lifts of similar or almost similar items and the underlying principle of the risk involved are already known and mitigated (WSHC, 2011). RoSPA has made recommendation that an average men should not lift heavier than 10kg and women not heavier than 7kg. If the item is held away from the body, men and women should not lift 5kg and 3kg respectively. Carrying the probe card analyser mother board is always done by 2 PCS ever since training was conducted. Another labour intensive activity is packing of hardware required for shipment, which needs to be returned to the customer’s sites and at times to vendor for external repair. A box is able to fit a maximum of three hardware, making it three times heavier, and it is tedious to lift it before it can be transferred to a trolley which will be pushed to the shipping bay.

Manual handling is likely to cause serious back injuries, musculoskeletal disorders - including occupational overuse syndromes, acute injuries such as sprains and strains of muscles or tendons, injuries sustained through slips, trips and falls. In addition, there is some evidence that manual handling is one risk factor of many inter-related risk factors for acute low back pain and other work-related musculoskeletal disorders such as disorders of the neck, shoulders, knees, arms and hands. (Occupational Safety and Health Service of the Department of Labour and the Accident Compensation, 2001). Falling objects pose another risk while lifting.

Recommendation given to the management of the Wafer Sort Hardware room is to add an additional red colour code for any hardware weighing more than 3kg and allocating it to the lower rack. Two people should carry the hardware at all...

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