Off The Wall Album Review

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Aaron Michelson
Professor Natalie Graham
AFAM 356
11 January 2015
Album Review Assignment: Off The Wall
When reading the album review of Lil Wayne’s album “I Am Not A Human Being II” by zcamp, it is not entirely obvious if the reviewer liked or disliked the artist in general. He starts off praising Lil Wayne’s style and his so called “moth butterfly thing”. But then goes into a more sarcastic bashing of his new album. It is obvious that he greatly dislikes his new album that he is reviewing. The style of this review was very casual, which fits the style of the type of people who would buy his album. You can see that his review is casual when looking at the sarcastic tone of the review ...view middle of the document...

You can tell that the reviewer likes Whitney Houston, despite her thinking that Whitney is not as good as she was before. The review uses simplistic language that anyone can understand, but does not include crude or sarcastic language like the review of Lil Wayne. The reviewer focuses on the fact that back in Whitney’s golden days, you can tell that she sang with no effort at all. But now she has to put in a lot of effort to sing well. The reviewer can also detect where she is being careful with the highs and lows of her singing. The reviewer has to really know the singer’s voice like the back of her hand to make that kind of comment. That kind of thing is very hard to detect unless you know it very well.
When comparing both reviews, I think the more respectable and effective review is the review of Whitney Houston by Ann Powers. In the review of Lil Wayne, the amount of sarcasm and informal language made me not take zcamp seriously as a writer and doubt his opinions. However, I never did like Lil Wayne, even before reading his review. But for a fan of Lil Wayne, I doubt his review will sway them to purchase or not purchase the album. Ann powers review however talked about the tone of the songs and the style of music more than just what the songs were about. She talks about the sound and quality of her voice, which is the point of listening to someone sing. I think that is what would convince me to buy an album.
In my own review, I will be reviewing the 1979 album “Off the Wall” by Michael Jackson. This album was hugely popular and really separated Michael Jackson as an independent adult singer from his childhood years. According to, The Off The Wall album sold over 10 million copies and was the first album to have 4 top ten singles from the same album. The four hit singles were the tracks “Off The Wall”, “Rock with You”, “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough”, and “She’s Out Of My Life”. This album also received countless awards including Rolling Stone’s”500 greatest albums of all time”, Inducted into Germany’s hall of fame, won 3 American Music Awards, one Grammy and was a multi-platinum seller in Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and the U.S.
This album started the trend that led him to be called the King of Pop. In 1979 he was fully graduating from being an aging child star to a full-fledged pop star. According to, “Off The Wall” is remembered as the first album by Michael Jackson to have collaborated with producer Quincy Jones, which would lead to a long 10 year business relationship between the two that would redefine pop. This decision to work with Quincy Jones, according to, was a product of his growing independence. Off The Wall was also the first project that he worked on without Berry Gordy, his brothers, producers like Gamble and Huff, and without is abusive father ( It was a true career reboot for Michael Jackson when the public was starting to see him as a little boy who had aged...

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